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Q1. What is your service day and time?

You can order 24x7 through our website. We service order 6 days a week 9 ( Except Sunday ). In case of any delay, our agent will inform you on a priority basis.


Q2. How is my order packaged?

We takes greater possible care while packaging your order. Untouched by human hands, Your order is packaged in factory - sealed blister/ strip packaging.


Q3. What shipping method do you use?

We use Express Mail Service ( EMS) or registered Airmail depending on the country to dispatch.


Q4. Do you supply controlled drugs?

No, we do not offer any controlled drug which are banned by FDA or illegal to shop.  We care about your health and we will never compromise on our client's health.


Q5. What if I am not at home when the product was delivered?

There are chances that you might not be available at you home when the product was delivered. What you need to do is to check your mailbox for the parcel or any notice. If you do not find your parcel there then you must have received a notice  containing the arrival of your parcel. Just visit the local delivery company's office and collect your parcel.


Q6. What if my product was not serviced on the given date?

We do not compromise with the customer service. We do our best for the customers to deliver their order on the promised date. In case if the order is not delivered on the promised date we will send you the another order. 


Q7. How can I edit or cancel my product?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of your order request. A customer can also cancel his/her order before the product has been dispatched from our end. But the order cannot be cancel once the order has been dispatched to you from our end.


Q8. Quality and authenticity of the medication?

We ensure that we provide all the medications directly from certified pharmacists and regulated manufacturers. We also ensure that you get only quality and authentic medicines that are well within the expiry date.


Q9. How is my order processed?

While confirming your order if you get your order number it means that  your order is confirmed. You will receive  notification message in your mail that your order is proceed and will be shipped  once your payment processing is over.


Q10. How will I know the availability of the medications?

Customer can search for the prescribed medications on our website list. In case of any query, you can call our customer care executive for any help. They will assist you in all your need. 


Q11. How can I track my order?

When your order is confirmed and a new order ID is generated, you will receive a conformation email that contain your order number, tracking number and other details regarding your product. To know the location of your order you need to call our customer call executive and provide your tracking number to them. Through this number our customer care executive will provide you the detail information of your product and the location.  


Q12. I need to return my  product. How I need to do that?

We do not have return policy. Once you have placed an order with us, you cannot return it. But if your order is opened or tampered you are obligated to make photos or videos of the unpacking process in the event of any issue or dispute. If you have proofs we will re-ship your order without any extra charges for shipping.


Q13. What is your success rate in delivering medications?

With over 10 year of experience in the business and having highly professional staffs, our margin of  error stand nowhere. As package is done properly, clearance become easy in all countries. So our success rate is very high.


Q14. How can I pay for my order?

There are 2 payment methods:

1. By E-checks , only U.S clients can pay for their order by E-check.

2. By Western union, all other clients can make a payment by this method.


Q15. What customer details do you required for shipping the order?

We require Name, phone number, postal address, city along with zip code, country, medicine name, strength of the medicine, quantity and shipping details. You can also contact our customer care executive  for any help.


Q16. What quality of product you use?

We maintain very high standard of quality of medicine for all our products. All manufacturers are audited in accordance with WHO standard. All these products are FDA approved . Even for generic manufacture we check certificate of analysis for each and every medication that we provide to you. We do not compromise in quality because repeat customer is our priority not one time customer.


Q17. Where can I get the information of ingredient that are present in the products?

You can get detailed information on ingredients of a product on out official website................................ you can also contact our customer care executive for any kind of information required by you.


Q18. What safety measure do you follow in product development?

All our products are clinically tested  for safety and efficacy and are completely free from any kind of side-effects when used in the dosage according to the instructions on the product package.


Q19. What is the specific time period to see product efficacy?

The result may vary from person to person depending on individual health condition. Our product provide progressive  but long lasting result. Please allow several weeks for full benefits in long term aliments.


Q20. Do I require any prescription to order any medication from your company?

Yes, you required prescription to order some of the medications but it is not for all. There are many medications for which we don't require prescription.


Q21. Is my purchase from your company kept confidential?

Everything that  you submit to our  company while placing an order is confidential. All your information is in encrypted form. Your privacy on................ is guaranteed.


Q22. How long does it take to ship the order to my place?

 Safety of the customer products are not compromised here at any cost. The delivery time by the registered international air post  will be 5 to 12 business days. On an average it will take 7 working days, from the time of your order placement to deliver your order to you.


Q23. Can I request for specific expiration date for the medication I order?

All the medication shipped by us have a minimum of six months expiry date from the time you shipped . If you need a longer expiry date feel free to contact us, we will do our best to assist you for your requirement. 


Q24. If I don't see my prescription medication on your list, does that mean your company do not provide it?

There are almost 1000's of medications listed on the website. Many time we list an online medication for sale but a customer does not know how to spell the medication correctly as a result, customer is unable to search the proper result which take you to mislead result. So if you are unable to locate the particular medication please feel free to contact our customer care executive team. They will assist you in your search.   

   If you are still not able to find the medication  then we are really sorry, we do not supply that medication.


Q25. What if I want to cancel my order?

If your order is already dispatched from the pharmacy, unfortunately we cannot return. If the order is not dispatched you can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order with us.


Q26. I want to change my order after pacing it, how can I do it?

This is not possible if you contact us after 24 working   hour. If the order has been sent to the pharmacy it will not be possible to make any changes. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.


Q27. The medication which I ordered now look different from which I used to have. What should I do now?

This can be happen when you order medication from different countries, especially when you are ordering generic medication which are manufactured by several different manufactures. Each company use exact same active ingredients but the process of creating them is different.  There may be variation in shape, color, size which no way affects the efficacy of the medicine.


 Q28. What happen if the shipment gets lost or stolen?

We are constantly tracking our orders. If any issues arrived, we will notify you and you can able to choose between a full refund or a free reshipment. There is no need you to worry about lost shipment.


Q29. Do u sell generic or brand drugs?

We sell generic drugs but on the personal order we can also provide brand drugs. You can talk to our customer care executive about ordering brand drugs.


Q30. What if I didn't find an answer to my question here?

Please feel free to contact our customer care executive at any time for you query . They are available 24x7 for your help. 

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