Adverse college hood experience is not a rarity in "Uncle Sam". In fact, almost half of the adolescent Americans face an adverse situation in their college days especially due to racism, this disorder is gradually eroding the America's unity and this is the case after "n" number of speeches given by many senate members. The people of different religions who are exotic and are residing in America from ages have been able to carve a niche for them but after many struggles.  However, there are only handfuls of people who are facing difficulties in racialism.

The disbelief or prejudice of the white towards Negros, Sikhs, and Muslims often retaliate inform small to intense fights in college campuses. Due to this, many other students who are not indulged in anti-social activities often face issues in the accomplishment of their studies. These minor fights accompany injuries especially related to muscles, bones and ligaments, a simple tearing and pulling of muscles or ligaments pains a lot, especially such an adverse season of cold. So, if you are such a guy either white or non-white can intake the medicine called Pain-O-Soma, it works immensely well in slithering your weird sensation of pain that perhaps is an aftermath of muscle spasm, strain, sprain, stretching, pulling, tearing, twitches or injury. Not this but the medication effectively cures the pulses of pain developed after the surgery.

The person suffering from muscular pain can consume Pain-O-Soma 350mg, thrice in a day or 500mg, twice a day tablets only with colossal water either with or without meals in the stomach when the sensation of pain disturbs you. The Maximum dose that can be taken, by the patient in a day, is 1400mg whereas for the geriatric patient it is 700mg. The person can avail admirable effect out of the therapy within a short length of 2 to3 weeks.

Some pernicious effects encountered by the patient on the intake of medications are blurriness in vision, nausea, irritability, vomiting, and trouble in sleeping, unsteadiness, trembling, headache, hallucinations, and soreness in throat.


The guardian of the person should observe that the patient should not abuse the dose of medicine with the intention to get early relief from the sensations of pain. Sudden pulling out of therapy may pose some symptoms like gastric pain, sleep apnea, convulsions and minor headache along with nausea. A pregnant woman should not take the medicines prior the consultation with a physician.