It functions by increasing the blood flow in the penile region.


In recent times impotence is very normal in men and there is nothing to worry about it. But if the trouble continues, it can break a man’s self-esteem and destroy his intimate life and relationship. This can lead to lowered self-respect, uneasiness and stressed social relationships.


Older men (above 50 years of age) appear to be more affected by impotence than adult men. But this not always true that age is the only factors for impotence. Adults also experience erectile bareness due to the bad habits that are present in them. The effect of alcohol on sexual performance is described by Shakespeare as "Drinking alcohol provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance."



This signifies that too much intake of alcohol reduces the sexual ability and leads to impotence. This happens because alcohol prevents the liberation of testosterone hormone. Excess of smoking cigarette also leads to impotence because it damages the blood vessels of penile region.


Other activities that cause impotence are unhealthy food habits, various diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis etc, intake of medications like alpha blockers, drugs for treating hypertension or any injury in the genital region of men. So if you want that you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction than avoid all these activities and start exercising regularly, take proper sleep, reduce stress and tension and start taking healthy and balanced diet.


Another solution for your trouble of impotence is Sildenafil Citrate which is available in both Cenforce and Fildena. These drugs are very efficient in their function and gives best results in curing erectile bareness.


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Working of Cenforce and Fildena

Both the drugs contain Sildenafil Citrate as a key component. These are phosphodiesterase 5 type enzyme inhibitor and it functions by inhibiting this enzyme. During the sexual activation, nitric oxide is released from the body, resulting in the liberation of cGMP in corpus carvernosum. This results in relaxation of smooth muscles leading to an increased blood flow in the penile region causing an erection.


 Dose of Fildena or Cenforce to be consumed

Cenforce is available in the dose of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg and Fildena is accessible in the dose of 50mg and100mg.  Both these drugs are available in the form of tablets , so they are consumed orally with a glass of water. A person should take one pill an hour before the intimacy act. Avoid eating of fatty diet before and just after taking the medication as it reduces the effect of drug on the body. Make sure that you take only one medication in a day.


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Consumption of Cenforce may show some side effects like headache, dizziness, weakness, painful erection for longer period of time, swelling of hands and legs, hypersensitive reactions such as itching, rashes, hives, redness of skin, Difficulty in swallowing, sore throat, irregular heartbeat, Difficulty in breathing and abdominal pain etc.


Precautionary tips that should be followed while consuming Fildena or Cenforce are-

  • You should avoid drinking of alcohol, while taking this medicament as it causes severe side effects.
  • Intake of this medicament makes a person feel lethargic and sleepy, so avoid driving or doing any work that requires full attention.
  • You should not drink grape juice or eat grapefruit while consuming this drug because it delays the action of the drug.
  • If a person is already taking nitrate drugs for treating cardiovascular diseases should not consume this medicament because it results in low blood pressure.
  • Geriatric patients (above 60 years) should take this drug with caution.

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