Every couple wants a safe and secure method of birth control, which can effectively work. There are various methods of birth control. Among them various methods are useful and effective. The method of birth control should be chosen by considering various points and you have to consider all these points before using a method for birth control like

  • It should be reliable for both i.e. male and female
  • It should be safe and effective.
  • It does not produce any health harm to the body of females.

Some methods used for birth control include use of physical barriers, natural methods, use of certain devices and use of certain medications like hormonal pills. Among them, the best way of birth control is use of hormonal pills or medication. It is the most common, safe and effective method. There are also various advantages, which made this method different and unique from others.

Facts about birth control pills

Birth control pills are also called as hormonal pills. These are formulated by using derivatives of two natural hormones i.e. estrogen and progestin. These both compounds act effectively to control birth. Hormonal birth control pills are potent medication, which prevents the process of ovulation. These pills also change the uterine and cervical lining, which creates difficulties for sperm to reach an egg or uterus. It also interrupts the process of fertilization and it is useful to create problems for fertilized egg to attach with uterus. In all these ways, these pills are useful as birth control method.

There are numerous females, who are using birth control pills for contraception, but still certain females should not use these pills, as it may cause severe harmful effects in the body of the females. The females, who are sensitive to derivative of estrogen and progestin, should not take these hormonal birth control pills. The females, who are already pregnant, should avoid the use of this medication. In case of certain medical issues, female should not take this drug like uncontrolled blood pressure, liver cancer, uterine tumor, breast tumor, heart disorders, blood clotting disorders and unusual bleeding from female genitalia.

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How to use birth control pills?

These hormonal birth control pills are available under various brand names like Yasmin, Yaz, Dianette and Ovral-L. The female should take one tablet of these medications orally daily starting on first day of menstrual cycle, with the help of water. She should take this medication daily at same time, as it provides best result as contraceptive. You should not miss the dose of this medication, as it increases your risk of getting pregnant. If by mistake, you miss the dose of this drug then you should contact with your doctor as soon as possible.

The consumption of birth control pill may also cause some common side effects in some individuals like weight change, feeling tired, mood change, acne and nausea or vomiting.

Safety tips

  • In case of medical issues like depression, thyroid, epilepsy, overweight and electrolyte imbalance, you should take it with extreme care.
  • You should use backup method of birth control, if you miss the dose of this drug or if you are using this drug first time.
  • You should not smoke or drink alcohol, while using this drug, especially when you are above 35 years of age.

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