You are ayoung and dynamic person. You have many aims of life that need to get accomplish. For those aims, you work out daily. Thinking about a baby at this point of time is not possible. You are sexually involved with your boyfriend and have done sexual act number of times. Every time when he invites you or when you invite him at home, both of you get prepared and keep condoms at your side. You avoid taking birth control pill and use anexternal form of precaution only.

The previous month you both met at his home where both of you were so much sexually active. You had drunk a lot and in that moment, none of you bothered about protection. After having intimacy, you slept and the other day the memories were erased. You rarely remembered anything. The days passed and you started to feel symptoms like nausea, food aversions, vomiting, and abdomen cramping. You thought something was wrong but neglected. You had written your periodic flow dates on thecalendar and it were very near. Also, you had installed an application on mobile that would remind you about your dates. After that date passed, no bleeding occurred and you still waited for two days. Your friends told you that dates might shift sometimes. But avoiding their views you bought pregnancy test kit. After checking this out, you got panicked to see your positive results.

This time it was late midnight but you called your boyfriend. He was ready to take this responsibility but you did not want a baby right now when your career was at apeak. After huge discussion, you both decided to conclude your gestation. One of your closest friend who is a doctor suggested name RU-486. After hearing about positive comments on RU-486, you used it and had an abortion. No pain felt and it went off at easy. Now you suggest everyone who is suffering same as you, RU-486 medication.

Abortion-inducing drug shows its action by blocking in progesterone action then renders the nutrition towards growing fetus, that causes death. RU-486 is obtainable in pill type.

At first, you must use three pills of theabortion-inducing drug as one dose quickly via the oral route with water. On the third day, obtain your medical facilitate or visit the near hospital along with your ultrasound reports so as to know whether abortion happened completely. If this abortion fails then you are required further two pills of Misoprostol of 200 mcg dosing strength, each through oral or vaginal route as one dose. Obtain the doctor facilitate once fourteen days gap for finally confirming your abortion.

RU-486 ought to be illegal in ectopic gestation case. Don't use after you have inserted intrauterine devicesif you're taking anticoagulants if you're stricken by adrenal disorder or any hereditary disease. Limit abortion if you've got a urinary organ disorder, liver diseases, and heart disorder. RU-486 ought to be stopped in hyper allergies. Once completion of an abortion with RU-486, it's suggested to require recent fruit juices to gain strength. Cut the usage of grapefruit juice after you underwent an abortion with RU-486 because it will increase once effects.

Common aspect effects with RU-486 are a weakness, vaginal flow, abdominal pain, quick pulse, vaginal discomfort, light-headedness, dizziness, drowsiness, sickness, or sluggishness.

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