It contains sildenafil citrate which represses Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5) bringing about indication of activity of cGMP which causes erection amid sexual incitement. It doesn't go about as sexual enhancer; it requires an outside jolts to act. Sildenafil is the principal element propelled by Pfizer as a treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Instrument of Action

cGMP causes unwinding of vascular smooth muscles and enlarge blood stream to different body tissues. PDE5 (phosphodiesterase5) is a chemical which debases cGMP along these lines repressing its activity. It is found in the dividers of penile veins, erectile tissue of the penis and retina of the eye. Sildenafil upgrades the movement and convergence of cGMP in tissues by blocking PDE5. Expanded cGMP causes augmenting of veins of the penis bringing about erection.

Dosages and mode of intake 

Cenforce is planned to be brought by mouth just with a glass loaded with water. One pill ought to be taken around 30 minutes going before intercourse. Its impact goes on for 4 hours. Talk about with your specialist before utilizing it; take after the measurements regimen endorsed by your specialist. Try not to take it more than once every day. Keep up a dosing interim of 24 hours. Utilization of grapefruit juice and dinners rich in fats must be kept away from with Cenforce. They defer the activity and upgrade reactions of Cenforce.

Missed Dosages:

Cenforce is utilized when required, so shot of missed dosages is impossible.


In the event that instance of overdosing, look for crisis medicinal treatment immediately. The indications show up accordingly of overdose are torment in the trunk, sporadic pulse, heaving, serious tiredness, swooning.

Unwanted Symptoms

Unwanted Symptoms of this medicine are headache, unsteadiness, Flushing, torment in the back and legs, blocked nose, visual deformation or obscured vision, sudden decrease in hearing capacity, ringing in ears, rashes on the body, looseness of the bowels, sickness, spewing, erection that is difficult and goes on for over 4 hours. You can watch some reactions other than that said here. In the event that you encounter any undesirable impact promptly counsel your doctor.


  • Continuously counsel your specialist before taking Cenforce in the event that you are confronting genuine therapeutic disease.
  • Critical liquor utilization ought to be stayed away from with this medication. It can bring about dizziness, bringing down of circulatory strain, blacking out.
  • In patient with huge coronary illness, sexual movement is related with potential cardiovascular hazard. Along these lines, for this situation Cenforce be utilized just under specialist's watch.
  • Alert is informed amid accompanying use with respect to alpha blocking specialists and Cenforce; it might bring about serious decay pulse.
  • Patients with penis twisting or blood issue like sickle cell pallor, various myelomas ought to counsel specialist before utilizing Cenforce.
  • Try not to expend grapefruit squeeze and fat rich eating routine with Cenforce.

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