Pain when becoming unbearable, then it can obstruct our daily normal activities and make us dependent on others for even small tasks. Pain is generally a sensation that travels to the brain from the pain arising site. Thus, the main action of a painkiller medicine is to block the transmission of pain via nerve impulse. Pain-O-Soma is one of the most renowned and effective medications for treating the pain conditions. 

Pain-O-Soma is an oral formulation that is commonly used to relieve pain and work as a muscle relaxant. Carisoprodol is the active ingredient of Pain-O-Soma brand. Pain-O-Soma or Carisoprodol mainly blocks the pain perceptions or nerve impulses that are travelling to the brain. Medication therapy of Pain-O-Soma is generally combined with physical exercises and rest therapy to attain the maximum benefits.



Pain can be mild, acute or chronic. Thus, Carisoprodol is converted into its active metabolite, Meprobamate, which has the traits of sedative and anxiolytic actions. 

Dosing of Pain-O-Soma-

Pain-O-Soma is an oral preparation that is marketed with two strengths of 350mg and 500mg and a patient is generally prescribed a dose accordingto the condition and the pain severity. Pain-O-Soma medicine is usually meant for a short term of 2-3 weeks. When you are on 350mg dose, then you have to take the dose for two-three times in a day and one at bedtime. If you are on 500mg dose, then you can take the drug for one-two times in a day and one at bedtime. This is the usual dose for an adult patient and the maximum dose that a patient can take in a day must not exceed the dose of 1400mg. an elderly patient can take the half of the adultdose. One dose of Pain-O-Soma will start to effect within 30minutes and will be active for next 4-5 hours. 

Pain-O-Soma formulation can be consumed irrespective of the food. Prior to the use of Pain-O-Soma drug, make sure that you do not have hypersensitivity towards Carisoprodol or any constituent of Pain-O-Soma medication. Children below the age of 12years are not advised to take Pain-O-Soma. Pain-O-Soma administration can cause some observed side effects in a user such as dizziness, nausea, nervousness, upset stomach, skin rash, increased clumsiness, and headache.



Use of Pain-O-Soma can be habit forming and can lead to serious health risk if taken for more than suggested dose and duration. Use of Pain-O-Soma for a continuous duration and then sudden withdrawal can also lead to some health problems of irritability, agitation, hypotension, and change in vision. Thus, it is always advisable to first decrease the dose before the complete stoppage. These effects are generally short living but can be harmful with the unnecessary use of Pain-O-Soma drug. Heart, liver, kidney, lungs, and the brain can be negatively affected if Pain-O-Soma medicine is taken without considering the health issues. Pain-O-Soma is contrary when you are pregnant or breastfeeds your baby. Do not take Pain-O-Soma if you are dealing with any mental difficulty of epilepsy or any other seizure problem. Individuals with the past record of drug or alcohol abuse are not recommended to take Pain-O-Soma. 

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