In general, use of MTP kit is recommended in clearing those pregnancies which are under nine weeks of age and located inside the womb. For confirmation of location and age of pregnancy, you may be recommended to go under clinical tests. If you have normal period of 28 days, you can use pregnancy calculator that is easily available online on various pharmacy websites. In this calculation for knowing the age of fetus, exact date of beginning of your last month cycle is needed. It is considered as day one of gestation. You can buy MTP kit online also if you want to skip taking appointment of a doctor.

This option of abortion boasts a great feature of providing with freedom for women to get abortion done at her convenience. She can choose place for abortion and keep her personal medical issues away from public interest. More upon it, using these pills is so easy that you don’t need help of anyone and you can do abortion at your own. You have to take pills orally with water or any drink as per the instructions to get desired results. This method of abortion is approved by the credited health authorities and widely in practice by medical professionals. OS, you don’t have to worry for safety and effectiveness as well.

Some of the highlights of precautions that can help you to best results with MTP kit tablets are included here:

  • Before making decision to buy MTP kit online and use it, make sure that you have access to emergency care services to tackle any critical health conditions.
  • Your pregnancy must be confirmed as a normal pregnancy before using abortion pills. Ectopic or outer uterine pregnancies can’t be aborted by using MTP pills.
  • Females over 35 years of age should not use this method for abortion.
  • Pregnancies that have grown more than none weeks can’t be aborted using MTP tablets.
  • It is definitely not a suitable method of abortion for you if you are allergic with its medicines.
  • Using MTP kit is not recommended if you have kidney, uterus, liver, heart or adrenal gland related disorders.
  • You should not breast feed if you are taking MTP kit tablets as it can negatively affect health of the infant.

Along with the above list of precautions, it is good for your health in long run to start medication after taking proper medical consultation. The necessity of follow up consultations cannot be overlooked for the sake of safety of your health. Get your abortion done conveniently by adhering to the guideline of using MTP kit pills. You can buy MTP kit online easily to save on your prescription.