Abortion is now a legal way to be executed with the help of pills. The earlier surgical method was used which has many drawbacks but now a safer method of pills is prevailing from the last many years to conclude your unwanted pregnancy privately.Use MTP kit for the same purpose. 

Total 5 pills as 1 Mifepristone and 4 Misoprostol are present in an MTP kit.Mifepristone is of 200mg strength and Misoprostol is of the200mcgstrength of each pill. Both these generics are known as abortion pills that are accountable for the termination of an early pregnancy.  Abortion with pills is termed as medical abortion and can be used to abort a pregnancy not more than 9 weeks or 63 days. MTP kit pills are designed to be consumed in a proper way for a complete and successful abortion.




Safely, privately and successfully complete your pregnancy termination with the help of MTP kit Mifepristone & Misoprostol pills. Place an order of MTP kit online at a very reasonable price and grab the chance to get exciting offers from our online drug portal. 

Way of MTP kit use-

On the first day: 1 pill of Mifepristone should be swallowed orally with a glass of water and without the food intake.

On the third day: 4 pills of Misoprostol as a single dose that is all together can be used bytwo ways. One is the oral as sublingual (placing the pills under the tongue) or by buccal (keeping the pills between cheek and gum). Another way to use the pill is via vaginal route by inserting the pills into the vagina with afinger or an applicator.

On the 14th day: Medical examination for the confirmation of complete abortion. 

Working of MTP kit pills-

Mifepristone pill will first work to block the action of progesterone hormone, as it is vital for pregnancy. Blockage of progesterone hormone will further lead to the breaking and shedding of uterine wall lining and attached to it fetus will also get detached and is fragmented. This is the end of your pregnancy. After that, Misoprostol pills will cause uterine contractions and widethecervix, so that the fragmented fetus will easily be removed out from the female's body in the form of vaginal bleeding containing blood clots.



Other than vaginal bleeding, a woman undergoing abortion may also suffer from nausea, abdominal cramps, headache, mood swings, drowsiness, or back pain as undesirable responses of the pills and due to abortion. However, these effects will subside witha complete abortion and their intensity depends on the pregnancy duration. While using MTP kit, women have to consider some precautionary measures in order to avoid side effects and for fast recovery like you should not take MTP kit if you have hypersensitivity towards any of the present constituent of MTP kit, during any medical condition of liver, kidney, heart, bleeding, or blood pressure related. Habits of smoking or alcohol intake while consuming MTP kit is not safe and can exaggerate your side effects. 

MTP kit should not be used for aborting an ectopic pregnancy, during lactation, in girls below the age of 18 years. Removal of IUD (intrauterine device) is advised before taking MTP kit. After and during an abortion, maintain a healthy and nutritious diet with proper rest follow-up so that you can have afast recovery. Try to avoid laborious works as it can cause pressure on your pelvic region. Until you stop the bleeding after abortion, it is mandated that you should avoid the chances pregnancy or it can cause pregnancy again and the risk of infections. 

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