Abortion is an individual decision and you found that you are pregnant not more than 9 weeks then you can adopt medical abortion method that is non invasive and useful option to choose. Abortion with this method can be done in early pregnancy. There is no need to go under surgery. This procedure provides more privacy as you can complete it at home. It allows the freedom of choice and time that can be done in more natural ways like to that of natural process of abortion called miscarriage.


Use RU-486 as best medical abortion method that you can do with the help of pills when you got pregnant due to any reason of contraception failure, premarital pregnancy, social and professional issues or in case of economic issues.

Contraception methods such as implants, sterilization, intra uterine devices (IUDs) interact with RU-486 working. So do remember to remove your IUDs if placed before taking this drug.


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What it contains?

RU-486 is the brand name available as oral formulations containing generic Mifepristone present in 200mg strength. It is an easy solution for medical abortion to end pregnancy.

How it works?

Pregnancy is a process of carrying fetus and maintains an environment for fetus growth that involves contribution of many hormones. Among various hormones, progesterone is the essential one to maintain and continue pregnancy as it helps in thickening of uterine wall to attach fetus and provide nutritional supplements and oxygen supply to the fetus for its proper development. But Mifepristone is anti progesterone drug that works against to it and inhibits the release and functioning of progesterone. Due to inhibition of progesterone, fetus will not develop due to its detachment from uterine wall because of wall thinning and fetus will get fragment. This will end your pregnancy.


After which this detached and degraded fetus will expel out from your body due to uterine contractions in the form of vaginal bleeding containing blood clots and dead tissues.


Method to consume RU-486-

Oral preparations of RU-486 contains Mifepristone (200mg each tablet) that should be consumed as 3 tablets as single dose in oral form with water on first day of abortion.

Then consult after 2 days on 3rd day to confirm your medical abortion with your doctor or any physician.

You should need to ingest 2 more tablets of generic Misoprostol (200mcg each) as orally or vaginally in case of failure to medical abortion with Mifepristone alone.




And then again visit to doctor after 14 days of Misoprostol ingestion to confirm pregnancy termination.

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol should be avoided or you may feel faint.
  • Do not consume this drug if you are on any other medication such as corticosteroids or NSAIDs.


Some common side effects of RU-486 that you may experience includes nausea, dizziness, abdominal cramps, unusual vaginal bleeding, mood change, vomiting and back ache. But these will vanish soon after your successful abortion.


Notable points that should be keep in mind while doing abortion with RU-486-

  • It is contraindicated in females who are too sensitive with generic Mifepristone or any additional component available in RU-486.
  • Breast feeding mothers should avoid the intake of RU-486.
  • This medicine is not recommended for females below 17 years of age.


After abortion precautionary measures-

Proper nutritious diet for soon recovery, effective contraception method to be used or avoid intercourse until you bleed because pregnancy may occur very soon after abortion and do not perform any stressful activity and keep your body and mind relax.


Where can you get RU-486?

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