It would be a pathetic situation, when you are unable to triumph over sexual activity due to inability to perform sexual intercourse with your partner and that consequent may sustain with weakness and depression followed by guilt throughout the day. The moment at bedtime, requires bottling up of your feelings of love making. This is prevalent generally in person of past middle age or more than 60 years of age, commonly known as erectile dysfunction. You feel shameful to disclose, or diagnose it through any means. Undoubtedly your disorder may progressively precipitate your feelings and the result would culminate to the extent that, you will no longer to maintain your relation.

Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder in male of all around the globe and that may associated with several; causes and symptoms. Studied have shown that, imbalance of hormone that plays vital role to supply of blood in vicinity of male genitalia. Although the major cause may occurs due to the presence or undergoing treatment of disease such as diabetes mellitus, prostate cancer and cardiovascular disorder. Some may face this problem due to the concurrent use of alcohol. Treatment requires mitigation of this problem and that basically includes steps or measures to facilitate blood supply in male sex organ thus provide men to attain prolong erection with sufficient rigidity.  

Cenforce 150 mg is an outstanding therapy known due to the presence of its active pharmaceutical ingredient Sildenafil citrate, as round the clock medication used by millions of male all over the world to mitigate erectile dysfunction with having well safety and efficacy record in the body.

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How Cenforce 150mg does works?

Less blood supply to the male genitalia is due to the action of the destruction of cGMP, by the presence of PDE-5 isoenzyme. This results in, patient lose their power of erection to meet the exact demand.  Cenforce 150 when taken orally, half an hour prior to sexual intercourse, has charismatic features to inhibit this specific enzyme and boost up the sensual power of men by releasing Nitrogen oxide from vascular endothelium.  Consequently male attains erect, elongated and rigid male genitalia that allow him to get immense pleasure in love making for a longer period.  

How to take Cenforce 150mg?

Cenforce 150mg is commercially available in the tablet formulation that requires a glass of water to swallow it by mouth. You can take this medicine without regard to the meal, any time in a day but prior to half an hour earlier of love making.

Do not take more than one dose of Cenforce 150mg. Patient may increase or decrease the dose of this drug according to the medical conditions and other condition as recommended by the doctors.

What are the undesired effects of this medicine?

Cenforce, is well tolerated in the body of patient but due to the different medical conditions and other individual variables, a patient may come across of some of the side effects such as painful and difficult urination, drowsiness, dizziness, painful urination, visual disturbances and prolong erection.

These side effects of are of temporary nature and could not seen in every individual who is taking it. Side effects of this medication not so intense that one should skip this drug.

What are the important information that should be kept in mind while using Cenforce 150mg?

To get the better effects of this medication one should keep certain key points in your mind that includes;

  • Do not intake this drug with grapefruits, as the chemical ingredient may interfere with its activity.
  • You may feel drowsiness after taking this drug; hence stay away from work that needs higher concentration like driving car and handling machinery equipments.
  • Taking this drug with any medicine that contain Nitrates or Nitroglycerin can increase the cardiovascular risk and avoid this medication if you are undergoing treatment with heart disorder like stroke, angina, heart attack, blood disorder and hypotension.
  • Cenforce 100mg should not be given in favor of women and children.
  • Avoid this drug in case, it is you face hypersensitive to the ingredient present in it.

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