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Know your medicine, Yasmin or Yaz: 

 Yasmin is a mixture or a combination of two very important medicines namely;




Drospirenone(3 mg) and Ethinylestradiol (0.02 mg) that is well known for its desired result within the predefined time. You can place an order for Yasmin online for the required quantity of the medicine and it will be delivered to your doorsteps within the assured time frame.

When you take the medicine, Yasmin, it changes the cervical mucus lining. Due to this, sperm and fertilized eggs do not combine with each other and in turn, there is not attachment of this to the uterus. Therefore, it is safe to use and convenient to get as well.

How to use the medicine that has Drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol as important constituents?

Yasmin is available in the blister packing so that it remains fresh when you are ready to use. Before using the tablets, clean and dry your hands properly. There are two types of tablets present in it. One is yellow tablet that should be taken for 21 tablets each day and after this, 7 white inert tablets per day. If you wish to get pregnant, discontinue the medicine. However, still if you are not ready for it then, continue it with a fresh pack of medicine so that you can easily remember your dosages. 

The usefulness of your biconvex, round, film coated tablet is not limited to just preventing your pregnancy, instead it is also used for following purposes as well:



  • Treats Dysphorbic disorder that is related to premenstrual cycle, some of the common symptoms are weight gain, high temper, depression, etc.
  • Should be used by woman who does not want to conceive for defined time period.

When such an excellent medicine is available that can be used for multipurpose work, why to look for any other medicine? Buy Yaz and keep stay happy without worry.