Vilitra is meant for incompetency in male for ED. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which male is unable to carryout consistent erection of genital or lose erection. Patient can experience this disorder due to certain medical anomalies like having decreased androgen level or decreased level of Testosterone hormone; patient might be suffering from diabetes, patients going for medication for hypertension and Parkinsonism. Psychological reasons make one cautious about this sensual activity and performance. One gets concerned towards her partner and suffers performance anxiety. Men of older age group are reported to suffer this disease most.  Now this disorder has intervened into young aged males also due to hectic life schedule and lack of time, lack of nutrition, decreased physical activity and lifestyle that include the habits either addiction towards drugs or drug abuse that has caused increase incidence of male incompatibility in young age group.  A compatible person has desire for getting into sexual activity. Secondly he gets complete drive of blood to his genitals and third that he and her partner attains orgasm and last the person get seminal discharge. If a person lacks either of it, definitely person needs medical attention.



 Mechanism of action of Vilitra tablet:  Vilitra is a PDE-5 inhibitor that blocks enzyme Phosphodiesterase enzyme type 5(PDE-5). This PDE-5 stops the cGMP and Nitric oxide activity as it decomposes Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate. Nitric oxide triggers the synthesis of cGMP. So cGMP is main character that causes the relaxation of smooth muscle and dilates the blood vessels which increase the volume and carrying capacity of vessels so blood rushes inside the spongy cells and gets complete hydrodynamics in the soft tissues this provides complete erection of genital during sensual activity. Vilitra helps you in ED buy Vilitra online at reasonable price.


Dossier of Vilitra tablet

One tablet enough to help to beat your ED, take Vilitra tablet 30 minutes before the intimate session. One must take medicine empty stomach only. Take tablet by swallowing the whole tablet once and for all. One should not crush or chew the tablet while administration of drug. Purchase Vilitra tablet online.

Contraindication of Vilitra tablet: Women are not meant to take this medicament. Patients suffering from hypo-hypertension should be restricted with the medicine Valif. Males below 18 year age should never take Vardenafil.  If you have experienced past history of stroke or angina pain one should not take Vilitra tablet. Patient taking aphrodisiac drugs or nitrates should remain refrained from the drug Vilitra.



Precautions to be taken while taking Valif

Patient sensitive to sexual activity should not take the drug. Vilitra tablet doesn't provide any kind of protection against sexually transmitted disease such as HIV. Drug may affect the perception and focus one should remain refrained from mechanical works and driving. One should not take alcohol while taking Vilitra as it may increases the sedative effect of drug. One must take the drug empty stomach if taken along grape juice it may decrease the efficacy of drug. One must not take the drug along fatty acid and other product. Patient having medicine for cardiovascular disorder should not take the medication.



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