ED is a very common type of sexual disorder in men. It is very embarrassing problem for men as they are not able to please their partner in a way they used to before. In addition to this, men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction may develop performance anxiety that stops them from initiating the intimate activities.


Erectile dysfunction makes a man deprived of healthy and satisfying sensual life. A man feels that he has lost his manhood and may become depressed. This further aggravates the situation. Most men do not like to talk about their feelings and problems with others and when the problem is ED, it makes the situation much more complicated.


ED is also commonly known as Impotence. It can occur due to various reasons in men and sometimes the reason is also not known. Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction at right time using right medications is very important.


Vilitra is a popular drug used by men suffering from ED due to its rapid and safe action. It contains Vardenafil as its main component that is a Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor.


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Vardenafil functions by blocking the activity of Phosphodiesterase enzymes. When a man is sensually stimulated, the blood flow to the male genital organs is improved. This results in the getting of a hard erection. But if a man is suffering from ED, this does not ensue.


Vardenafil comes under different strengths of 20mg, 40mg and 60mg. It also comes under another brand name of Filitra.

Filitra is available in the form of a tablet that is to be used at least an hour before the physical intercourse. Swallow it with a glass of water. Do not take this medication with alcohol or related drinks. Avoid grape juice or fatty acid rich diet.


Do not take more than 1 tablet of this medication in a day as it can lead to harmful effects like Priapism (prolonged and painful erection that lasts for more than 4 hours). If this problem occurs, contact your doctor immediately.



The side-effects of Vilitra are dizziness, shallow breathing, allergic reactions, nausea, angina, etc.


Safety measures of Filitra:

  • Avoid ingestion of this drug in case you have recent history of chronic heart disorders.
  • This drug is not meant for women and children.
  • A man must be sensually aroused to get the desired outcome.
  • If a man is allergic to Vardenafil or other related compounds, then he should not use this medication.
  • The concomitant intake of Filitra should be avoided with nitrates and its derivatives as it can result in hypotensive effects.

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