The term used for the procedure to terminate the early  pregnancy is given a name "abortion".

High efforts have been made by the researchers to carry out the abortion in an easy and effective way and their efforts has made "this dream come true " and the result has emerged out in the form of MTP KIT, which is a highly advanced and unique way to terminate pregnancy. The amazing thing about the MTP KIT is that it is completely a non invasive and non hazardous way to terminate pregnancy. 


Other benefits of MTP KIT:

  • A woman can use the MTP KIT by herself at home without requiring any physician.
  • There is not any requirement of anesthesia or any clinical instruments to use MTP kit. The kit involves use of two pills that are to be used orally or vaginally. So it is very simple to use this kit.
  • There is not risk of any kind of maternal deaths while doing abortion with this kit.
  • The method is very effective and gives positive results almost with each use.
  • Abortion can be carried out confidentially and the kit prevents from extreme conditions of hemorrhage.



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Because of its high benefits, you will definitely get the desired results within desired duration  of time period.  A high benefit to order this kit from online sites is that the medication will be delivered soon after you order and you panic to visit the market to get this kit is reduced.


Unwanted pregnancy can be due to many of the reasons like:

  • Improper placement of contraceptive devices.
  • Forceful intercourse or rape cases.
  • Couple is not aware about how to make safe sex.

Not  to worry in any of the above conditions. Use MTP KIT..!! It is an ultimate retort to overcome these conditions. With the help of this kit you can easily manage the state of your pregnancy when can give birth to the child only when you require.

The wonderful effects of the MTP pack is due to the five magical pills contains inside the pack. Two types of pills work on it- one Mifepristone and four Misoprostol.


Mifepristone is a steroidal type medication consists of anti progesterone properties.  It works by inhibiting the action of progesterone which is vital for the proper growth of the fetus and continuation of pregnancy by providing fetus proper nutrition and oxygen.

Misoprostol is a synthetic prostaglandin E1. It brings out the contraction in the uterine muscles and helps to expel out the uterine contents along with some strains of blood. 

Take a pill of mifepristone 200mg at the first day orally and take 800mcg of misoprostol (four pills )after three days either orally. After 14 days, do confirm your pregnancy by visiting  to the nearby hospital by ultrasonography.


Acquiring an unwanted pregnancy is not a sin. It is a mistake or we can say it is a bad luck. So MTP Kit is an highly demanded and efficient way to  cope up the situation. Buy MTP KIT from online pharmacy drug stores. The kit is available at preferably low prices..!!