In recent times the number of early medical abortions and the proportion of all abortions accounted for by this non surgical process have grown significantly in the whole world due to efficacy and safety of abortion medications in the body of female. The use of abortion pill is advantageous over surgical method; like it is safe, reliable, cheaper in cost, incision free and free from the risk of infection.



Abortion pills contain generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol as their core drug. These are available under a few brand names, which contains above mentioned two compounds in different proportion or some of them contain these in same amount. Few brands of abortion pills are Mifeprex, Cytotec, Korlym and RU486.

  • Mifepristone is a steroid derivative, which is anti-progesterone. It attached with the receptors of progesterone and inhibits the action of progesterone. As a result fetus detaches from the uterus and abortion occurs.
  • Another component used for abortion is Misoprostol. It alters the activity of prostanoid receptors and allows contraction of the uterine muscle in high frequency. As a result fetus expels out from the uterus and abortion takes place. In this way a general abortion pill acts and performs abortion.


Dosing information of abortion pills

Abortion pills are oral tablets. These are used by the oral routes easily with the help of water. For best result you should take it without consumption of food or with an empty stomach.

The dose of Mifepristone given for abortion is 600mg orally as a single dose. This dose of Mifepristone is sufficient for abortion but in some cases Misoprostol is also given to some female to complete the abortion.

In case of Misoprostol, the female should take 2400mcg of Misoprostol in the form of 12 tablets of 200mcg each. This dose of Misoprostol, should be given in three divided doses, which should be consumed in an interval of 4 hours.


After 14 days, visit your nearest hospital for the confirmation of complete abortion and it is diagnosed by ultrasound or sonography.

The use of abortion pill may also cause some side effects in females. These include vomiting, bleeding from genitalia, cramps, back pain, abdominal pain and drowsiness.

Abortion pill is a safe and secure medication. But there are certain females, who should not take this medication. A female in issues like ectopic pregnancy, adrenal dysfunction, liver or uterine cancer, should not take this medication.



Abortion pill can be use with ease but before taking this pill you should know about some important information regarding abortion pill; such as you cannot take anticoagulant drug like Warfarin in combination with this drug. This is an abortion pill so always use this drug with extreme care in case of breastfeeding.


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