When you go outside on a bright sunny day, your eyes might squeeze in the sun and this indicates something. And if you don't take proper sun protection, it becomes not only uncomfortable for you, but can be harmful in the long run. Nowadays, many UV protection ways have arrived in the market which helps prevent sun damage. Ocular conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes, eye melanoma, and skin cancers all can be produced by UV damage.

You can also get eye irritation which can be originated from:


  • going in an area having too much light
  • when your eyes are not able to focus the light
  • trouble in vision (blurring of eyesight) in poor contrast environment
  • dry, dusty environment


Do you know how many times you just blinked your eyes, this blinking protects your eyes and turns your cornea hydrated and thus lubricates cornea and protect it from dryness well If you are continuously working on PC or laptop for long hours, it becomes an originator of start of eye related problems such as dry eyes, hypersensitivities, tearing, eye pain and many more because while you were looking into your gadget you have decreased the incidence of blinking which was  the natural way to protect and hydrate your eyes. Although there are many other reasons for xerophthalmia or dry eye like the temperatures rises, you may notice your eyes start getting dry or deficiency of vitamin D. Chronic dry eyes may result in eye irritation, redness, itching and inflammation.

For Regular Computer Users, Some Eye Care Tips:

  • Take a break: If you are working for long hours, you must take small breaks in between your work. This helps you in lowering strain on your eyes and enhances the blood supply to your body.
  • A proper nutritious diet is very important: Take citrus fruits, green vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, dairy products and food products rich in Vitamins C, A or E.
  • Drink more water: this way of eye care looks so simple but is very efficient as if you consume more water, inflammatory conditions of your eyes can be decreased.
  • If you look at far-away objects amid your long working hours and all over again come back to standard near vision, this is a good way to help your eyes focus better.
  • Do some eye exercises: one of the best exercises for relaxing your eyes is "first blink your eyes for some time and afterwards close your eyes for a moment and very soon roll your eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise. In the meantime, you can take several deep breaths and gradually breathe out and open your eyes.  Perform this exercise for about two to three minutes before going to work.


But regardless of how many carrots you eat, your vision is prone to shrink with age. Age is a very important factor in determining the strength of your vision. And it is a fact of life.

Although, it is very important to take all the natural measures for eye care, but if your eyes has been infected with a serious condition, then there comes a need for a proper eye medication. Ocuflox eye drops, Vigamox eye drops, 9 PM eye drops, Careprost eye drops, Latanoprost eye drops, Acular eye drops are available at our site which helps you prevent eye infections in a cost-effective manner.