MTP Kit is medicine pack containing 5 tablets in which one tablet is of Mifepristone (200mg) and four tablets are of Misoprostol (200mcg). This is used to terminate the early unwanted pregnancy. 


The decision of termination of the pregnancy is everyone’s personal decision to take. There are a variety of reasons, that is why women choose to have an abortion for personal reasons related to issues like, she doesn't want to be a mother yet, as a couple they are financially unstable, relationship problems and her not being willing to be a single mother and medical reasons like complications with the child birth and risking of mother’s health. Well whatever be the reason, here is the safe and best solution to easily terminate your unwanted pregnancy with MTP Kit.


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This medicine works by inhibiting the activity of endogenous and exogenous progesterone, stops the supply of oxygen and nutrients and terminates the pregnancy. Misoprostol compresses the size of uterus and thereby expels the tissues out of the womb.


Doses of MTP KIT   


  •          FOR THE DAY ONE - single dose of Mifepristone (200mg) is taken orally with water.
  •          FOR THE THIRD DAY - four tablets of misoprostol (200 mcg) can be taken together orally or vaginally. Use                    3 to 4 drops of saline if used vaginally
  •          2 weeks after the administration of the drug, visit your nearby clinic to ensure complete abortion.


MTP kit is not taken in case of-

Ectopic pregnancy (fetus outside the womb), chronic adrenal failure, endometrial problem, uterine fibroids, blood related disorders like anemia, sickle cell anemia and ovarian cysts.


After an abortion a female may face several adverse effects like nausea, stomach pain, fever, muscle pain, cramps, pain in the pelvic region, inflammation of the vagina and white discharge from the vagina.


Important safety measures should be adopted after abortion-

  • Eat healthy, nutritive and balanced diet after abortion for the fast recovery of health.
  • Eat iron containing supplements for the fast recovery of blood loss or anemia.
  • Don't bath in open area or swimming pool as it may cause pain in the pelvic region.
  • Don't insert any device in your vagina as it may cause vaginal infection.
  • Avoid intercourse as it may increase the risk of getting pregnant again.

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