RU 486 is being your answer for terminating the undesirable pregnancy in the women.

It is the only choice of the women that when she wanted to be a mother. The pregnancy will be desirable when it will take place at the right age and also with the choice of the women. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the pregnant mother as well as her child. Unwanted pregnancy will affect the mental as well as emotional ability and disturb her personal as well as professional life.

RU 486 is the best solution to resolve the problem of undesired pregnancy.

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What is RU 486?

RU 486 is the dosage form meant for terminating the pregnancy. It is a synthetic steroid derivative and contains Mifepristone as an active ingredient. It is an FDA approved drug (in 2000). Mifepristone posses a various effects, i.e. antiglucocorticoid as well as antiprogesterone effect, for carried out the therapeutic effect.

Progesterone is the female hormone which is essential for the pregnancy to sustain and continue.

RU 486 acts by blocking the activity of female hormones, i.e. Progesterone.

Uses of RU 486:

  • Termination of intrauterine pregnancy, 49 days of pregnancy
  • Treating Cushing syndrome

Brands of generic Mifepristone, other than RU 486, available in the market are Mifeprex and Mifepritone.

Dose of the generic Mifepristone is 200 mg.

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How does Mifepristone works?

Mifepristone acted by inhibiting the activity of progesterone by binding to the progesterone receptor and leads to shedding the lining of the uterine wall. It also enhances the synthesis of prostaglandin, which further causes to dilation of cervix and expels the fetus from the uterus.


How should you take RU 486?

RU 486 is a solid dosage form, which should be administered via oral cavity, i.e. through the mouth. The safer and recommended dosage form is to be administered three tablets at a single time in a one day. The maximum dose of the RU 486 is should be 600 mg in a day.

Wait for one day and check the pregnancy on third day of administration of the drug. If you are still pregnant, then take medication with Misoprostol to terminate pregnancy.


 Who will not use the medication?

RU 486 (mifepristone) Abortion Pill is efficiently terminating the unwanted pregnancy. But, this therapy is not beneficial in some medical or non medical health issues present in the patients.

  • Allergic to Mifepristone
  • Long term corticosteroid medication
  • Other preventing method already adopted, i.e. IUD
  • Chronic renal disorder
  • Bleeding problem
  • Adrenal failure
  • Liver disorder
  • Breast feeding mother


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What are the common side effects of the medication?

Heavy vaginal bleeding will cause after the medication with any drug of generic Mifepristone.

Other common side effects are: Headache, tiredness, nausea, diarrhea, back pain, vomiting and dizziness.


What is the safety measures adopted during the medication?

 There are various safety measures which should be adopted in between the period of medication. These safety measures are:

  • Should not be taken along with any herbal medicines or supplements.
  • Not be beneficial after the 9 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Take the all three tablet at a single time; don't take it in a specific time interval.
  • This medication produces dizziness in the patient, so avoid to driving or machinery work after taking the medication. Until you are not sure about that you can carry out such work safely.
  • Limited alcohol consumption


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