There are some reasons, which causes erection disorder among the individuals; such as aging, enzymatic activity, physical injury or use of inappropriate drugs. An individual can maintain his erection with the help of making a healthy lifestyle. Erection disorder is also treated by healthy lifestyle. The various factors, which are responsible for erection disorder causes contraction of blood vessels in the penile region, which results in deficient blood flow and hence causes erection disorder.

Erection disorder is also responsible for certain mental disorders in the life of an individual like stress and depression. The individual refuses sensual activity, which is a symptom of erection disorder. Discussion of erection problem with the doctor or your partner is your first step towards the treatment of this disorder. With this you can also treat your mental illness, caused by erection disorder. The individuals can use medications like Cenforce 100mg and treat erection disorder for living a happy life.


Cenforce 100mg is a powerful medication, which contains Sildenafil as its active constituent. The individuals widely used this medication due to its quick effects and safe responses in the body of an individual. Generally erection disorder is caused by activity of PDE5, which degrades cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. Sildenafil improves amount of cGMP by inhibiting working of PDE5 enzyme. It results in the relaxation of the walls of the blood vessels, which are present in the penile region and this activity results in the relaxation of muscles of the penile area. In this way an individual can achieve a sufficient erection of genitalia and perform sensual activity.



The individual can use Cenforce 100mg in a simple way and with the ease. But before consuming this medication he should sure that he is not sensitive to Sildenafil and he is not consuming any nitrate medication for other disorders. Cenforce is available in the oral tablet dosage form. You can use this medication at anytime, whenever you needed. It can be used before as well as after the consumption of food but should not be used with a heavy fatty diet. The adult individual should take one tablet of this drug once in a day, about 30 minutes prior to sensual activity.



After taking this drug, some individual may face some side effects of this drug like rashes, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, unclear vision, chest discomfort and stomach upset.

You should use this drug after considering some safety tips about this medication; such as it should not be given to the females, as it is recommended for adult males only. In some issues related to blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney and penile injury, this drug should be used with much care. In combination with this drug, you should not use some other compounds such as Ritonavir, Fluconazole, Erythromycin, alcohol and grapefruit.


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