The female, who consider about abortion, should contact with her health care professional. The doctor offers various methods of abortion. The best one is use of RU486 medication, which is generally termed as abortion pill. It performs abortion just like a miscarriage early in the pregnancy. The females may have fear and nervousness, when she is thinking about abortion procedures. But the use of non-surgical or medical method of abortion changes whole mentality of the females. They are gratis from the fear and nervousness by using this method or medication for abortion.


RU486 is a general medication, which is approved for abortion. It contains Mifepristone as its dynamic component. It is a derivative of steroids, which belongs to the group of Oxosteroids. It has a great anti-progesterone activity. The functioning of natural progesterone is necessary for the continuation of the pregnancy. But the action of Mifepristone prevents all the functioning of natural progesterone. It also prevents activities of exogenous or endogenous progesterone in the target cells or female reproductive part. Due to these activities, Mifepristone is capable to expel out a fetus from the uterus in case of unwanted pregnancy. Exclusion of the fetus from uterus results in the termination of an unwanted pregnancy.


RU486 is formulated in the form of oral tablets, which provides an easy usage. The females can use this medication easily with the help of water and it can be used easily at home. Before using this medication the female should sure that she is not hypersensitive to Mifepristone or Misoprostol or should not have an IUD in place. The female should not use this medication in issues like ectopic pregnancy, porphyria, hemophilia and who are using blood thinners like Warfarin. In all these conditions, the females are more prone to harmful effect of this medication, so she should avoid this drug.



The female can consume tablets of this medication with food but survey tells that it provides best results, when used without food. The female should take this drug as follow-

  • On day 1, she should consume three tablets of Mifepristone (each of 200mg of Mifepristone) orally as a single dose.
  • After two days or on day three, she should go for clinical examination, which tells about the status of abortion. In case abortion is still incomplete, then she should take two tablets of Misoprostol (each of 200mcg of Misoprostol), which induces uterine contractions.
  • On day 14, she should go to clinic to confirm abortion with the help of suitable clinical test.


The use of RU486 may cause some general side effects like fever, nausea, bleeding, headache, stomach upset, abdominal pain, back pain and diarrhea.

The females should keep some informative points in her mind before using this medication, which can enhance safety and efficacy of this drug; such as the female should take extra care, while using this drug in case of breastfeeding, migraine and blood pressure disorders. The female should not perform sensual activity for some days, while taking this drug and she should also avoid intake of alcohol.


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