Some person gain the problems that may put them into the condition where they find their selves  helpless, example of such condition is erectile dysfunction, where a male finds himself hopeless, if he really doesn't know about the medication that is available to treat the erectile dysfunction or impotency. 



An erection is a physiological phenomenon in which the penile becomes harder, engorged and enlarged, erection is a result of variety of stimuli such as sexual stimulation or sexual arousal. 

Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused due to some health related issues such as diabetes, smoking habit, lifestyle, psychological disorder, surgery, pills used in the management of hypertension. If you are one who is suffering from the same condition then a time is arrived to come back out of your problem with Penegra. 



Erectile dysfunction is a state, in which a male partner shows a complete inability to achieve, maintain or sustain the erection for the satisfactory period, which is required for easy penetration at the time of intercourse.

Penegra is a magnificent drug that effectively helps to treat impotence problem in men. Penegra contains Generic Sildenafil Citrate as an active formulation that helps to cure abnormal function of the male genital organ. It helps to improve the flow of blood to the penile region.  Sildenafil comes under the class of medications called "PDE-5 inhibitor" that allows men to maintain a firm erection during their lovemaking session. 

Dosage regimen for Penegra

Penegra is available in dosage strength of 50mg, 100mg.  This drug should consume orally with enough amount of water for its rapid absorption in the blood stream.

Individual is not needed to worry about the missed dose, as this drug is to be consuming only at the time of sexual desire.

Do not consume heavy fatty food as fatty meal can reduce its therapeutic effect in the body.

You must know when you should not consume Penegra:

  • In the case of bladder infection or thyroid problem, use of this drug is contraindicated.
  • Do not use Penegra if you are allergic to it or any of its other non-active components.
  • If you are suffering from severe liver, kidney, heart or abdominal disorder, do not consume this drug.
  • If you are consuming Nitrate medications or any of its derived products, use of this medication is contraindicated. 

You must take care of certain things at the time you consume this drug:

  • Use of this medication may cause drowsiness so be attentive while performing unsafe tasks or driving until you known how this medication can affect you.
  • Do not consume grape juice and alcohol while using Penegra as they may delay its onset action in the body.
  • Penegra is not for female and children under 18 years of age. 

Possible annoying effects of Penegra to be seen at the time you administer the drug:

Some common side effects that you might face while using Penegra include a headache, running nose, vomiting, weakness, upset stomach, chest pain, dizziness, diarrhea, back pain, nausea, painful erection, blurred vision. Do not worry, as all these side effects are mild and do not harm you. 

Where should you buy Penegra?

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