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Erectile disorder is also known as impotency where man is unable to maintain erection; this incompetency is mostly seen in males over 40 and above as the patient by this age gets prone to the erectile disorder due to following reasons: due to increasing age they get prior to heart disorder, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, parkinsonism and low androgen level which brings down the libido in male.




Now days the incidence of ED has crept in young male folks, due to lack of nutrition, busy hectic schedule that seclude the individual from devoting quality time along partner and bad lifestyle that has ruined the healthy life intimate life of young people.


One should devote proper time to the partner even if one is suffering this impotency disorder, this will beat the anxiety problem which one may experience while mating and still if one is unable to beat the Impotency he can seek the help of renown product called Tadaga.


Tadaga is special drug which belongs to PDE-5 inhibitor that has various advantages over other PDE-5 drugs as one does not have to take the drug in any concern of meals. You can take the tablet with or without food. Other advancement that drug that it is also called as weekend pill due to long action potential the drug retains its effect for about 36 hours.


How the drug helps in beating erectile disorder:

As told above, drug is selective PDE-5 inhibitor that enrolls the increased penile blood flow and relaxation of smooth muscle of soft spongy cells in Corpus cavernosum. The response is due to NO release from the endothelial cells of nerve terminals. The release of NO stimulates the cGMP which brings smooth muscle relaxation and dilation of blood vessels. Which brings increased hydrodynamic in male genital.


The drug intake is restricted in following conditions:

If the patient is suffering from cardio vascular disorder he should not take the medicine.


Patient suffering from renal failure and hepatic disorder one should not take the medicine. If one is sensitive to sexual activity he should not have the drug. Patient having retinal pigmentation problem should remain out of the drug. The drug is not intended for female and male below 18 year of age.


How to take the drug Tadagra tablet: Tadagra 40 mg oral tablet formulation, which can be taken by swallowing the whole tablet once and for all. One should take the tablet along plain water. The drug acts for about 36 hours so you can take the next tablet after 36 hours. One should not take two tablets at once this may bring symptoms of overdose and led to medical conditions. 


Things to keep in mind while taking tablet Tadagra:

Patient sensitive to sexual activity should not take the tablet. The drug may bring light sensitivity so avoid driving and mechanical work. The drug will not protect you from STD and HIV disease so use protection measure. One should not take grape fruit or grape juice along the tablet as this might lead to sudden fall in blood pressure and hypotension will turn to serious medical conditions.


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