It is also approved by US FDA because of its safety and efficacy features over other medication to terminate pregnancy. RU486 shows its action in women having 49 days of pregnancy. Misoprostol is taken after days when pregnancy does not terminate after Mifepristone dose.


Abortion can be defined as termination of pregnancy by removing fetus or embryo before survival of its outside uterus. There may be several ways of abortion such as Surgical method in which suction aspiration or vacuum aspiration is well known. But the drawback of surgical methods like need of hospitalization, high cost and chances of infection, does not proves it the first line method to terminate pregnancy by millions of women over the globe. Other methods such as using abortifacient by certain herbs may cause some lethal side effects, therefore it is not recommended. On the other hand Medical abortion by the use of medicine paves the way for women to choose this method, because of abstinence from all drawbacks that occurs mainly in surgical method. Medical abortion can be done at home without any effort. It is also commonly done because women do not disclose termination of her pregnancy publicly.



RU486 shows well tolerated by  women made it the best postcoital contraceptives, once a month contraceptive and medicine for induction of labor.


RU486 act as competitive progesterone receptor antagonist. It acts mainly through  detachment of fetus from uterus by contracting it, and in this way pregnancy gets terminated by this drug.


Dose and directions;


RU486 should be taken with a glass of plane water. RU486 contain Mifepristone of 3 tablet of each 200mg that constitute  single dose of this drug. Take one dose of Mifepristone 600mg in empty stomach to terminate pregnancy. If pregnancy not occurs then  you need take 400mcg dose of Misoprostol (contain two tablet of  200mcg each ).


Avoid the overdose of this drug as it may  harmful effect on your body.


In some condition women should not take RU486 such as if it may cause hypersensitive to women. It should not be given to women who is taking intra uterine devices.


RU486 may cause few side effects in some  women that may be probably due to presence of some medical conditions present in women. These side effects include headache, nausea,  fever, vomiting and abdominal pain. diarrhea and vaginal bleeding. These side effects do not lasts for the longer period.


Some precautions that is required so that RU486 can function effectively in the body of women. These safety measures can also minimize the side effects of this medication. Following steps should be taken into consideration;


  • If the women is breastfeeding, RU486 may pass into the milk and may cause harmful effect to new born baby.
  • Women should abstain grapefruit and its juice because, presence of chemical may interact with drug.
  • Avoid consumption of Alcoholic beverages.
  • It may cause harmful effect in women who's pregnant yet not confirmed.
  • RU486 should be avoided in women having ectopic pregnancy and cancer in breast or uterine.
  • Women suffering from liver and kidney disease should not take this drug.


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