Being physically intimate with the loved one, many times make you forget to use the contraception and this leads to unwanted gestation or pregnancy. 

Like physical connection, pregnancy is also the most important factor and the consequence of bonding between two souls. When you and your partner are both physically active, then pregnancy can surely be the result. If you wish to have that pregnancy and is according to your wish, then it is the most beautiful moment. However, in case, you feel distressed, annoyed and unhappy because of that pregnancy, then there is no use in sustaining that gestation. The most important decision that almost every couple takes is the abortion, which can be easily accessed and completed with the use of abortion pills and one of the most prominent brands is RU-486.  

Mifepristone is the functional constituent of RU-486 brands and it acts as a progesterone antagonist, which inhibits the functioning of progesterone hormone, which will further cause the ending of a pregnancy by obstructing the oxygen supply to the growing fetus. Blockage of progesterone hormone leads to the removal and breakage of endometrium causing pregnancy end. Later to this, the abortion contents come out followed by abdominal cramps and vaginal bleeding with strong contractions of uterus and relaxation of the cervix.  

The dosage regimen of RU-486 encompasses ingestion of all the three pills of Mifepristone via oral administration engulfing with water without the intake of food. Then medical examination should be done after 2 days by visiting the physician in order to verify the completion of termination. It is rare to rarest, but if unfortunately, the abortion left incomplete, then you can take two pills of Misoprostol generic (each of 200mcg strength) that can be ingested either by taking through oral route or by inserting through vaginal route. Then again, go for medical examination for the final confirmation of abortion.  

While relying on abortion with RU-486 pills, women may experience some undesirable responses of nausea, headache, back pain, vomiting, dizziness, mood swings, heavy vaginal bleeding, or abdominal cramps. Thus, females of less than 18 years of age must not take RU-486 pills or side effects may aggravate. RU-486 is conflicting to be used if your medical condition is unwell concerning sensitivity, heart, blood pressure, bleeding, heart, or kidney disorders. Therefore, after having an abortion with RU-486 pills, you must have to intake healthy diet for fast recovery and should avoid laborious activities. While recovering, make sure you do not indulge in sexual acts or use an effectual contraception barrier method to prevent pregnancy and infections. Lactating mothers must avoid the use of RU-486 pills and women having IUD (intrauterine device) inserted should remove it before using RU-486 pills. Drinking alcohol and smoking habits can intensify the risk of negative effects, so must avoid these.  

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