You can use this kit at home secretly. MTP kit is widely used drug for the termination of unwanted pregnancy. This kit has two types of tabletMifepristoneand Misoprostol. 

MTP kit (Abortion pill) FDA DRUG is the best and effective kit for abortion and accepted by whole world due to safe, effective and reliable results. 


When a woman is not mentally prepared for pregnancy, but accidently she become pregnant. Various reasons are responsible for abortion like pregnancy occurred after unprotected intercourse, failure of contraceptive method, skipping of birth control pills and any health hazard to mother or fetus. 

Functions of MTP kit-

Mifepristone is class of anti progesterone drug, which works by inhibiting the natural progesterone hormone necessary for the continuance of pregnancy, which causes thinning of uterus line and leads to bleeding. Progesterone helps in providing the proper oxygen and nutritional supplements to the fetus inside the womb of a female.

Misoprostol shows action by contracting the uterine muscle which causes elimination of dead fetus.

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How to use MTP kit:

The MTP kit contains 5 tablets, 1 Mifepristone 200mg tablet and 4 Misoprostol tablet of 200mcg. Mifepristone should be given orally with a sufficient amount of water.

  • On the first day, take 1 tablet of Mifepristone(200mg) as orally with a full glass of water.
  • After 2 days take 4 tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg) as orally or vaginally. Use 2to 3 drops of saline water to avoid vaginal contamination.
  • After 14 day of medication intake, consult to doctor for confirmation of abortion by ultrasound. 

Side effect of MTP kit:

After abortion, a female may face several adverse effects like headache, dizziness, pelvic pain, fever, muscle pain, cramps, stomach pain, and inflammation of the vagina, shivering, anxiety, tiredness and white discharge from the vagina. 

Important information while using MTP kit:

  • Do not use this drug in case of ectopic pregnancy (fetus outside the womb).
  • If you have allergy to ingredient of Mifepristone and Misoprostol do not use this drug.
  • Female with Chronic adrenal failure should not use this drug.
  • Take rest after process of abortion.
  • Use nutritious food after abortion for the fast recovery of health.
  • Avoid lifting of heavy after abortion as it may puts extra pressure on the pelvic region and induce pain.
  • Take iron containing food to improve blood loss or anemia.
  • Intrauterine devices should be removed before using this medicine.
  • Intercourse is strictly inadvisable after abortion as it may increase the risk of getting pregnant. 

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