MTP Kit also known as abortion pill is an efficient way of preventing pregnancy that is below 9 weeks of duration. FDA has approved MTP Kit as an exceptional method of terminating an unwilling pregnancy.


Abortion is when a pregnancy is concluded so that it does not result in the child birth. It is when someone decides to end a pregnancy as they don’t wish for carrying a baby. Medical abortion is a very safe and easy procedure and on average, it is much safer than ongoing pregnancy and giving birth to a child. The earlier an abortion is executed, the safer it is.


 Plus-points of MTP Kit:

  • MTP Kit is more reliable and genuine way than any other abortion method available in the market.
  • Ladies can get total power over the complete abortion process.
  • It is a completely safe, non-invasive method to terminate pregnancy as she never has to suffer from pain.
  • Now they don't require going to the clinic periodically.
  • It has the capacity to conclude pregnancy within 9 weeks of gestation.
  • It delivers a positive psychological impact on health. 


Both the medications available in MTP Kit work concurrently and collapse the fetus from the mother's uterus. It is proved to be famous for those women who feel scared from the surgical task and you can easily bring out an abortion at home. Mifepristone + Misoprostol combination supports to dismiss an undesirable pregnancy in women. It works to evade the nutrition and oxygen amount to the embryo for its growth and development.


If you have undergone a pregnancy test and found out you are pregnant. Now you are in great tension, to make a decision what to do next. If you want to go through with an adoption and don’t want to have a baby, you can opt for having an abortion. 


MTP kit is to be taken as three steps:

  • Day-1: One tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) should be consumed orally with full glass of water.
  • Day-3: On the 3rd day, take 4 tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg each) and these can be taken either vaginally or orally.
  • Day-14: After medical therapy, a follow-up visit is must to confirm complete termination of your pregnancy. Confirmation of abortion can be done with the aid of sonography and ultrasound.


Safety measures taken before use of MTP Kit:

  • Cautiously remove the IUD if you are using before using MTP kit.
  • If you are suffering from bleeding disorders like leukemia or anemia, caution should be taken should be taken before using this kit.
  • Alcohol must not be consumed along with this unique combo pack.
  • Complete bed rest should be taken while using MTP Kit.


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