She may face an arousing as well as corporeal strain. A pitch of guilt may fill in her heart to slaughter her own unborn baby. However, beneath some contradictory circumstances, she has to eradicate her pregnancy. The implementation of redundant pregnancy is known as abortion. Abortion must be vital if a there is a malfunction of contraception, or mother is mentally challenged or financially challenged.

If you are planning to terminate your unplanned pregnancy by medical mean in a safe way then MTP KIT is an efficient way of termination.

MTP KIT is an efficient way to terminate your early stage of pregnancy up to 7 to 9 weeks of gestation in a very safe and secure way. It is an FDA Approved drug for the abortion. It is made up of  two very efficient medication known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which is known to inhibit the production of progesterone which is an essential hormone for pregnancy.



Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone drug; it binds to the progesterone receptor and antagonizes its exploit. It causes decidual necrosis, which leads to detachment of the placenta from the uterus. It also leads to softening and dilation of the cervix. Misoprostol is a prostaglandin, which binds to the myometrial cells and causes strong myometrial contraction and hence the ejection of the fetus takes place. Cessation of pregnancy takes place when womb comes out from uterus along with heavy bleeding.

To maneuver safe and proficient implementation of early stage pregnancy one should have to follow this dosing plan  : On day one you have to ingest one tablet of  Mifepristone (200 mg) via oral route with a glass full of water. On day third you have to ingest  4 tablets of Misoprostol( 200 mg each) via oral route with a sufficient amount of water or you can take it via vaginal route. It is advisable to woman that she has to appointment the nearby hospital on 14 days to confirm the final termination of pregnancy.

Side effects with the use of MTP KIT one should undergo from some standard side effects such as a headache, anxiety, muscle pain, cramps, nausea, white discharge from the vagina, fever, chills, pain and prolong bleeding through the vagina, abdomen pain.



Expert Advice that needs to take care one should have to take some safety precaution before using MTP KIT which includes if you are allergic to any ingredient like Mifepristone or Misoprostol then don't consume it. A woman has to avoid the ingestion of alcoholic beverages, grape juices or grapefruits while using MTP Kit. If you have an ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy, then you should not use this medicine.

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