Earlier this moiety was considered to treat hypertension problems and anginal disorders. During the time of clinical trials, it was noticed that the drug has little effect on angina but marked and induced effect on penile erections. With this fact, Pfizer has decided to launch this moiety for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, instead of angina. In 1998, FDA has approved this medication for erectile dysfunction and since then it has become the first oral drug treatment for erectile dysfunction in U.S.



Cenforce is the popular brand of Sildenafil and becomes a drug of choice for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


What is erectile dysfunction and what is its impact?

If a male has erectile dysfunction, the state is considered to be very critical. It creates a challenge in the life of a man and makes him cut off from society. In erectile dysfunction, male is incapable to achieve proper penile erection perform well while making love with his partner, hence the problem started ruin his life.


How erectile dysfunction occurs?

Generally erectile dysfunction happens due to the less supply to blood to corpus cavernosum region of the male genital organ which does not allow the blood to accumulate  in this region, due to which male genital organ does not erect properly to perform sufficient sexual activity. It creates relationship issues and spoils the personal and social life of a person.


To maintain and keep the relationship healthy, Cenforce 50mg is a best remedy. You can buy Cenforce 50 mg online to remove the erotic disorder.

In normal conditions, when a male is sexually aroused, nitric oxide releases in the body which tends to converts guanylate cyclase to cyclic GMP. Cyclic GMP provides smooth muscle relaxation (vasodilation) of the arteries, which enhances the blood flow inside the spongy tissues of penile region, this leads to an erection. This cyclic GMP is prone to degradation by the phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor which is usually present in the walls and tissues of penile region.

Sildenafil is an inhibitor of PDE TYPE-5 enzyme. By this activity, Cenforce increases the levels of cyclic GMP by inhibiting its degradation from phosphodiesterase type-5 enzyme. The enhanced level of cyclic GMP results in enhanced erections.


Cenforce is much successful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. So you can buy Cenforce without any fret in conditions of erotic disorder.

Cenforce is available in the different doses of 50mg, 100mg. 150mg and 200mg. the standard recommended dose is 100mg but the therapy can be started from 50mg at the initial stage, to check out the suitability and tolerability of the patient with respect to this medication. The dose should not be exceeded up to 200mg. The tablet of Cenforce can be taken with or without food. It should always be taken 30 minutes before planning sexual activity and high fatty diet should be avoided while consuming the medication, because fatty food can decrease the absorption and efficacy of the drug.


The medication is specially designed for males, so women are contraindicated with this drug. 

All the patients are often recommended to take one pill in a day, otherwise overdosing can occur which can lead to adverse effects.

Safety tips..!!

  • Please do not take this drug if you are hypersensitive to the active medication of the compound.
  • Men under the age group of 18 years should not take this drug.



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