Options available for termination of early pregnancy:

There aretwo types of abortion method that one can opt for. These are:

Surgical abortion and Medical abortion


Surgical abortion is based on surgical instruments and use of anaesthesia whereas medical abortion is depends on abortion pills and its right dosages that is also a pain free abortion method.  So, if you are looking for a pain free abortion for early pregnancy, then you can very well rely on the effectiveness of the medicine, RU486 and Misoprostol that is available in the form of MTP kit. Order MTP kit abortion pills and terminate your pregnancy that is less than 49 days old.


How to use MTP kit? What role do medicines have in the entire process?

MTP kit has two types of medicines in it, namely Mifepristone or RU486 and Misoprostol. Mifepristone is mainly responsible for the death of the developing foetus. This is done by inhibiting the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the baby that is very essential for growth and development. In the absence of these important factors, foetus does not survive inside the womb. In contrast to this, Misoprostol helps in uterine contraction, thereby, helps in expelling out blood, blood clots and dead tissues inside the womb. Thus, MTP kit is very much easy to use and convenient to get as well. Buy MTP kit online from our reputed online pharmacy stores.


Steps to be followed while using MTP kit:


  • On 1st day, take one tablet of Misoprostol 200 mg orally
  • On 3rd day, take four tablets of Misoprostol with an interval of 4-6 hours, either orally or vaginally.
  • After taking Misoprostol, you will pass heavy bleeding. In case you do not pass bleeding, take another 2 tablets of Misoprostol.
  • On 14th day, you should visit to a doctor’s clinic for the confirmation of the complete termination process.


When such an excellent option is available to termination process, why to give unnecessarypain to the body? Buy MTP kit online from our notified drug stores at an affordable price.