Abortion is not an easy task for a woman to undergo. However, at times circumstances turn in such a way that it forces a woman to do so. Some of the possible reasons for abortion are failure of birth control measures, financial problem, social pressure, poor health condition of mother or foetus, etc. In all such cases, you look for option that can provide you the best possible solution. This is MTP kit or Medical Termination of Pregnancy that will surely help you in overcoming the problem of unwanted pregnancy.


Medicines in MTP kit:

The kit has two excellent abortion pills in it that is widely in demand for terminating early pregnancy. It has

1 tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg and

4 tablets of Misoprostol 200 mcg



Role of Mifepristone and Misoprostol in abortion process

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone hormone that is widely known to inhibit the activity of progesterone hormone. This hormone is responsible for inhibiting the supply of vital components to the foetus. In addition to this, it also stops supplying oxygen and thus, death of the foetus takes place. When Misoprostol is taken, it helps in uterine contraction and thus, removes dead tissues and blood clots from inside the womb of mother. Buy MTP kit online and perform abortion at home that too at a reasonable price.


MTP kit is used for terminating medical abortion of early pregnancy that is less than 49 days old.


How to use MTP kit?

  • One tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg should be taken by the woman orally who want to terminate her pregnancy that is less than 49 days old
  • On 2nd or 3rd day, she is required to take 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200 mcg either orally or vaginally. In case of vaginal route of administration of the pills, use 3-4 drops of water to avoid chances of infection
  • After 14th day, the woman should visit to the doctors’ clinic to confirm complete termination of pregnancy


Storage condition for MTP Kit:


  • For getting desired result, the kit should always be stored below 25 degree centigrade
  • Always protect your medicines from exposing it to heat, light and moisture
  • Keep the medicines away from the reach of children and pets

Side effects of MTP kit:

MTP kit is quite safe to use. However, some of you might experience nausea, vomiting, headache, heavy vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, dizziness, stomach cramping, etc.


Precautions while using MTP kit:

  • Remove all the intrauterine device before using MTP Kit
  • MTP kit is not beneficial for ectopic pregnancy
  • The abortion pills in MTP kit will useful for terminating pregnancy that is less than 49 days old