Now you do not need to feel low or inferior in frontof others as Careprost eye drop is available to make your eyelashes thicker darker and longer and with that you can increase the beauty of your eyes and eyelashes. The hairy structure protects your eyes from dust and keeps your eyes safe. Take healthy and balanced diet, use the eye drop and get beautiful, long and stunning eyelashes in just 14 days. Buy Careprost eye drop today and feel a new look inside you.

The effectiveness and the usefulness of the eye drop are not limited to this only. In fact you can use this ophthalmic solution for treating glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disorder where pressure inside the eyes increases due to increase in the eye fluid and this can damage optic nerve leading to loss of vision as well.Now you do not have to worry with this as you can use the medicine for 3 weeks and get the problems treated.

Active working of Careprost eye drop: 

Careprost eye drop contains Bimatoprost as active ingredient this is a prostaglandin analogue and is responsible for making the eyelashes thicker, longer and darker.  Additionally, it also increases the level of melanin content in the body and thus, an eyelash becomes darker. Longer and daughter eyelashes attract everyone and hence you get an appealing look on your face. 

How to use careprost eye drops?

  • Before using that eye drop, first of all you need to wash your hands properly
  • Remove your eye makeups as well as contact lenses (in case you are using)it and keep it side safely. You can put it back again after 20 minutes of applying the drop
  • Using the sterile applicator provided put one drop of on it and apply along the edge of the upper eyelashes
  • Keep your eyes closed for a few seconds after using that eye drop
  • Blow dry excess solution using tissue paper
  • Do not put eye drops on the lower eyelashes
  • Apply the medicine for 12 to 13 weeks and get the perfect long beautiful and darker eyelashes
  • For treating glaucoma put one drop of the medicine before you go to the bed for 3 weeks and get the desired result.

Some of the common side effects are irritation, redness, dryness, pigmentation changes that can affect the skin around the eyelids, etc. 



Precautions while using Careprost eye drop: 

  • Do not use the eye drop in case you are allergic to the active ingredient, bimatoprost
  • Always remove your contact lenses when you are applying Careprost Eye Drop
  • Do not touch the tip of the applicator as it increases the chances of contamination
  • During pregnancy the medicine should be used only if the doctor has recommended for it
  • Breast feeding women should consult a doctor before using the eye drop as it might pass to the breast milk and can affect the new baby
  • Always store Careprost Eye Dropat a temperature below 25 degree centigrade and at a cool place
  • Discard the bottle of Careprost eye drop 4 weeks after opening it 

Where can I buy Careprost Eye Drop? 

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