Dissatisfaction from male partner especially on bed leads to separation and this creates a huge gap in the relation as well. To overcome all such problems of erectile dysfunction, new medicines are being manufactured such as Sildenafil citrate, Cenforce, Suhagra, and Fildena. You can buy Sildenafil citrate from our online drug stores and after using it you can even feel the difference in yourself.


When male genital organ, penis fails to get proper blood flow inside it, it become difficult for penis to remain hard and erect at the time of physical intercourse. This is termed as erectile dysfunction. It is normally seen in male after an age of 40 years but can occur at any stage of their life.


Causes of Erectile dysfunction:

Among various causes of erectile dysfunction, some of them are depression, anxiety, nervous or kidney disorder, smoking, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, age, or hormonal imbalance in the body. All these factors makes male feel low and this becomes a reason for losing their self-confidence as well.


How Sildenafil citrate works?

Sildenafil citrate or Cenforce belongs to phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor group of drugs that helps you in overcoming the problem of impotency to a large extent. The medicine shows its optimum result after its usage within half an hour. The enzyme gets inhibited that is very important for degrading the cyclic guanosine monophosphate as this is vital for long lasting erection of penis. The entire process is carried out with the help of blood vessels that carries blood in and out to and from penis respectively. Soon after you take the medicine, it gets absorbed inside the body and helps in producing cyclic guanosine monophosphate. This is again done by inhibiting the action of phosphodiesterase enzyme. In this way, sufficient blood enters inside the penis and the size gets increases, leading to its erection.


How to take Cenforce, Fildena, and Suhagra or Sildenafil citrate?

The medicines are available in various strengths. However, the dosages should be taken as per your individuals’ need. The normal recommended dose is 100 mg Cenforce in day. However, this dose can increase also as well decrease based on your requirements. Taking drug with full glass of water is preferable. The effect of the drug can be felt for four hours. Avoid using more than one dose in a day. Buy Cenforce today, uses it and feels a new man in you.


Is sildenafil citrate cause unfavourable effects?

Sildenafil citrate is very much safe to use. However, some of the common side effects that might occur after using it are loss of hearing, dizziness, blurred vision, bodyache, vomiting, nausea, weight loss, etc. Buy Fildena today and use it as per your needs. 


What precautionary steps should one take after using erectile dysfunction medicines? 


  • Avoid using Cenforce if you are allergic to Sildenafil citrate
  • Take proper precautions to prevent transmission of HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, etc.
  • Always store your this excellent result oriented erectile dysfunction drugs at a room temperature that should not exceed more than 25 degree centigrade as an optimum temperature
  • Fildena, Cenforce and Sildenafil citrate medicines are for those suffers whose age is more than 18 years.
  • In case you are using any other prescribed or non-prescribed drugs then let your know about it before using the medicine.
  • Avoid using oily and fatty food when used Cenforce or Fildena
  • Speak to your doctor in case the erection last for more than 4 hours.
  • Sildenafil citrate drugs are not meant for kids and female use. 


From where can you buy erectile dysfunction medicines such as Sildenafil citrate, Cenforce, Fildena and Suhagra?

There are various places from you can buy medicines but our online facility is best as we deliver the ordered medicine within the prescribed time frame. Buy Suhagra online from our online drug store and avail the benefits of low price.