Getting medicine is also easy at your home or shipping address, that too you without going anywhere. Yes, now you can buy Careprost eye drop online from our online drug stores at a pocket friendly price.


Following are some of the very easy steps involved in using Careprost:

  • Before you start applying the medicine, it is important to remove all your beauty products from your face.
  • In case you are using contact lens, remove it gently. You can apply it back after 15 minutes of applying the eye drop.
  • Using the sterile applicator provided along with the Careprost eye drop, put one drop on it. Gently draw a thin line along the margin of the upper eyelashes
  • Blot dry excess solution using clean tissue paper.
  • After using the medicine, throw the used applicator properly and use a fresh one for using the next time.



  • Careprost eye drop is meant for upper eyelashes only and not for the lower one. 
  • In addition to its use for increasing the beauty of the eyelashes, it can also be used for treating glaucoma by the user.


Use Careprost eye drop before you go to the bed once in a day and see its effects within 12-13 weeks of time, you will be blessed with longer, darker and thicker eyelashes. 0.03% solution of Lattise eye drop is known to have effective effect for eyelashes and glaucoma.


Buy Careprost online today and use it daily without missing any dosage. You will get back your lost beauty confidence in a couple of week time.