We often se girls using such products that after using cause harm to the eyes or eyelashes. Now, you need not worry from such thing as Careprost eye drop is easy to use and buy. Order Careprost eye drop toady and beautify your natural look.

Careprost eye drop is very much useful in increasing the thickness, length and darkness of the eyelashes. This is a permanent solution for the natural growth of the eyelashes and is safe to apply.

Additionally, the eye drop is also useful in treating glaucoma; a condition where internal eye pressure gets increased leading to loss of vision, at times. 

How does Careprost eye drop should be used and what role it has for increasing your beauty?


Care prost eye drop is very much useful in treating hypotrichosis and glaucoma. Hypotrichosis is insufficient growth of eyelashes whereas glaucoma is a condition where intraocular pressure gets increased.

Careprost eye drop consists of Bimatoprost as active constituents and is also available under the brand names of Lumigan eye drop, Lattise eye drop and Bimat eye drop.

For treating Glaucoma, use the eye drop for 3 weeks. The ingredient present in it will reduce the eye pressure thus, saves your eyes from losing vision. 

For treating Hypotrichosis, following steps should be followed:

  • Wash your hands properly and then remove all your eye make-up
  • In case you are using contact lens, take it out before applying Careprost eye drop.  You can again put the lens back after 20 minutes of applying the eye drop.
  • There is a sterile applicator provided and a brush. Gently put one drop using applicator on to the brush and draw a thin line along the margin of the upper eyelashes.
  • Use a fresh applicator for next time and discard the used one properly.



You should applyCareprost for 12-13 weeks before you go to the bed to get desired long, thick and dark eyelashes.

The eye drop should not be applied on lower eyelid. 

How can I buy Careprost eye drop?

Buy Careprost eye dropfrom various online drug stores at a much discounted price.