Erectile dysfunction is a curse for the sexual life of an individual person, as most of the times,

it may become the reason of breakdown of relationships. Most of the men feel shy to discuss their condition with the physician or to their friends but wait as it is not the matter of shame and disgrace. You should definitely discuss your condition with the physician.


Are your feeling embarrassed due to your state of erectile dysfunction? Do not feel alone and use Cenforce. Cenforce (Best Effective Ed tablet) is the most proficient medication used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cenforce is a safe and USFDA approved drug

What is Cenforce?

Cenforce is an efficient medication used for the management of impotence. Impotence is an inability to attain an adequate erection during the physical intimate session. Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction or penile failure. Cenforce is a drug used for the treatment of penile failure. Cenforce comprises of Sildenafil citrate in it that comes under the class of medications known as Phosphodiesterase type-5 enzyme inhibitor. Generic Sildenafil citrate acts by hampering the Phosphodiesterase enzyme that may lead to the enhancement of cGMP. The increased levels of cGMP facilitate the flow of blood towards the penile area and provide a pleasing erection during the sexual intercourse. 

Dosage regimen of Cenforce

Therefore, you should never consume the dose of Cenforce two times in a day. You should avoid the consumption of fat-containing food along with the dose of Cenforce. In the case of an overdose of Cenforce you may face the prolonged and painful erection (priapism), call for the medical as soon as possible. 

You may feel some common adverse effects after taking the dose of Cenforce as if sneezing, nasal congestion, redness or warmth of face, neck, arm, ringing sensation in the ears, dry mouth, prolonged and painful erection.

Precautionary measures while using Cenforce-

  • If you find yourself hypersensitive to generic Sildenafil citrate, you should not take the dose of Cenforce.
  • Under certain clinical conditions, you should not take the dose of Cenforce as if Cavernosal fibrosis, Peyronie's disease, leukemia, multiple myelomas, sickle cell anemia, priapism, macular degeneration, optic neuropathy, and lung problems.
  • You cannot have grapefruit and grapefruit juice while taking the dose of Cenforce.
  • You cannot have nitrates containing drugs while taking the dose of Cenforce.
  • Geriatric and pediatric patients cannot have the dose of Cenforce.
  • Avoid any concentration-required task while taking Cenforce to avoid the risk of mishaps.

From where would you purchase Cenforce?

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