Erectile dysfunction is not a new disorder, nowadays, it becomes a more common sexual disorder among men population. In simple language, it is known as loose or soft erection but scientifically, it is a condition in which a man faces lots of difficulty in achieving and maintaining an appropriate penile erection during intimacy session. Just because of this condition, man is incompetent to satisfy his partner sexually during lovemaking act and due to this, partner is dissatisfied with the poor performance of man.


It can be occurred at any phase of life in men, but it mainly diagnosed at the age of 40to60 years. According to recent survey, it is estimated that, about 50% of male patients between the ages of 40to60 years are suffering from the sexual dysfunctions and it can be increases with the growing age of men.


Different aphrodisiac foods like-

  • Garlic enhances the blood circulation and sexual power in male patient.
  • Honey increase sexual potency in men
  • Chocolates improves the sexual dysfunction in guys
  • Oysters and Asparagus increases the sexual potency due to availability of excess amounts of zinc
  • Ginseng improves the erection ability
  • Avocado trees boosts the sexual vigor in men

Change your lifestyle to beat the erection problems-

  • By the regular physical exercise, yoga, meditation and Kegel exercise, you can easily manage your erection complications.
  • Quit smoking and intake of alcohol habits for improving the penile erection.
  • Make a real conversation with your partner regarding this problem and understand the problem of your partner.


However, the food and lifestyle changes not only support the treatment of ED issues. You can take the help of oral medicines like Valif, Snovitra and Levitra. So, buy Valif online to crack the erection issues in a simple way.


Before taking the medicine, everyone is curious to know about the proper working, doses and adverse effects of drug. Now, I will tell you complete information regarding the drug-   

Generic Vardenafil is a main pharmaceutical ingredient found in this drug and it comes under the category of PDE type-5 inhibitors. Vardenafil inhibits the therapeutic action of PDE type-5 enzyme and improve the blood stream towards the penile zone of guys. In case of sexually stimulated men, nitric oxide is released from the endothelial cells of the genital organ and causes the synthesis of guanylate cyclase enzyme and induces the c-GMP chemical. This c- GMP makes the relaxation of smooth muscles and dilatation of blood vessels of the male reproductive system and creates inflexible erection in males.


Valif is available in the strengths of 20mg, 40mg and 60mg. You have to consume a single pill of Valif just prior to 45 minutes of intimacy session. Gulp the whole tablet with a full glass of water. A man should be sexually stimulated to get the desired outcomes.  


  • Intake of fatty food and grapefruit are strictly not allowed along with this drug as it may affect the actual actions of drug.
  • Avoid smoking and intake of liquors along with this drug as it may affect the performance of medicine.
  • Adolescent below the age group of 18 years should not consume this drug.
  • Nitroglycerine medications should not be taken along with this preparation as it may cause hypotension. 


Adverse effects of generic Vardenafil include headache, abdomen pain, chest pain, skin rashes, and trouble in breathing and swallowing.


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