Eyelashes are the sensitive part to touch, which are not only provide a natural protection from sunlight, foreign particles and sweating, but also enhance the beauty of our eyes. Hypotrichosis of eye lashes is a condition which contains thin or absence of hair of eye lashes.



Causes of hypotrichosis:

  • Hereditary factor
  • Aging
  • Chemotherapy
  • Side effect of any medical treatment


What is Bimat eye drop?

Bimatoprost eye drop is the generic product of Bimat eye drop. It is a synthetic prostamide analogue, which is meant for ophthalmic use only. This medicament is also act like a natural occurring chemical, i.e. prostaglandin, which is successfully used for various ophthalmic problems, i.e.


Hypotrichosis is one of the major abnormal conditions of ophthalmic, in which inappropriate or less hair growth of eye lashes takes place. This medicine chiefly used to increase length and thickness of the eye lashes. 


Glaucoma is a severe eye disorder, in which the ocular pressure increases severely and also harms the optic nerves. This may also causes complete blindness. This medicine also effectively treats glaucoma.


Intra ocular hypertension is a raised pressure occurs within the eyes, but don't cause any harm to optic nerve. This drug effective to reduce the raises pressure


How does Bimat eye drop works?

Bimat ye drop is act by interacting with prostanoid receptors, present in the hair follicles and is shows its effectiveness by:


  • Stimulating resting follicles (telogen phase)
  • Growing follicles and causing anagen phase
  • Induces the hair growth
  • Darkening, thickening and increasing the eye lashes


Who should not take Bimat eye drop?

This medicine is successfully used to treat hypotrichosis in an individual.  But, due to the presence of some medical conditions, may reduce the efficiency or causes severe effects in the patients. So, this drug should be contraindications, if you are hypersensitive to this drug, other eye infection and recent eye surgery.


The use of this drug is also prohibited in those children, who are under the age of 12 years.


This drug should be avoided of taking it along with other type of medicine to reduce the chances of drug- drug interaction. This medicine should not be taken along with some drugs, i.e. Latanoprost, Travoprost, caffeine or its derivative, nicotine or its derivatives and other eye medications used in eye infections. 


How to take Bimat eye drop?

This is an external dosage form, which should be applied on the area around the eye lashes with the help of sterile applicator. This dosage form should be applied one time in a day, beneficial to apply it on evening or at bedtime.


For getting effective therapeutic effect on the growth of eye lashes, it is necessary to take it for prescribed time interval, i.e. not more than 4 months.


Try to instill the drug daily on same time, without missing or instilling more drops of this drug.  


Overdosing symptoms are:

  • Change in vision
  • Swelling
  • Darkening of eyelids
  • Redness of eyes
  • Severe headache or pain in eyes


Important information:

  • Remove contact lens before instilling this drug.
  • Doesn't reuse the applicator again, i.e. always use new sterile applicator every time.
  • Avoid touching the tip of the container of the dosage form.
  • Wash your eyes thoroughly and also remove your eye makeup properly, before applying the drug.


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