Abortion is a very safe procedure to terminate pregnancy. In earlier times abortion had been carried out by various methods such as labor induction method and by using certain abortifacient herbs. These methods has limited scope in current scenario because of its drawbacks and risky. With the passage of time, research advancement in medical sciences paves the way to overcome the problem of earlier methods.



Now a day's, two most common methods which are exclusively employed for the termination of pregnancy includes; surgical abortion and medical abortion. Surgical abortion is tedious procedure that requires huge money, time, energy and lack of confidentiality. Due to these major limitations women usually stay away with this method of abortion. In contrast to surgical method, termination of pregnancy can be accomplished by using abortion pills. These are the most efficient and having fewer limitations, which is mostly found in the surgical abortion.  There may be many abortion pills that may be available commercially, but lack of awareness about untoward effect of these medicines may cause other complications.

RU486 is a safe and effective way to terminate pregnancy and has been extensively employed, round the clock medication for pregnancy up to 49 days. Its generic salt possess and anti progesterone activity by efficiently blocking the progesterone receptor. Blockage of this receptor results in, contrary effect of progesterone which is responsible for maintenance and development of pregnancy in female. Subsequently uterus gets constricted and lining of endometrial start shedding, that bring about the end of pregnancy.


Dose and directions of RU486

RU486 is available in solid dosage forms that require oral administration of this medication.

Start with 3 pills of RU486 orally at first with a glass of full water. Each tablet of RU486 constitute of 200mg. Subsequently after taking this, you need to carry out clinical test to get confirm about confirmation of abortion. If the pregnancy not occurs at this time. Then take two pills of Misoprostol orally or by vaginal route at day 3. Each pill consists of 200mcg of Misoprostol. Finally the pregnancy will be successfully achieved after that.

Side effects that possibly occur in the female who is taking RU486, includes vaginal bleeding, uterine cramping, nausea and vomiting. These side effects are exists not for the longer period in the body. Once you leave the medicine, these side effects also get eliminated.



Some important information about RU486-

This medicine is not prescribed for the women who are planning to become pregnant and breastfeeding. Avoid consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking. Some drugs such as antifungal, antibiotics and anticonvulsant should not be given with this medication. Stay away from this medication if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredient present in it. Female should avoid this medication if she is having history of breast cancer, ectopic pregnancy. Give up RU486 if you are taking any IUD's.  


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