Administration of medication of MTP kit is the reliable option to get medical abortion for preventing pregnancy....


What is MTP kit?

MTP kit is an efficient way of eliminating pregnancy and is only effective for 9 weeks of pregnancy. It is chiefly used for medical abortion, which is possessed by the use of chemical compounds or with the medications. This medication may contain two active ingredients, which is termed as Misoprostol and Mifepristone.

Mifepristone is an anti progestin derivative, which mainly act by blocking the synthesis of Progesterone (which is essential to maintain the pregnancy for 9 months).

Misoprostol is belongs to the category of synthetic prostaglandin E1, which act by alter the lining of cervix and causes uterus to contract.

The greatest and effective therapeutic effect of the dosage form should be achieved by taking the Misoprostol after administering the Mifepristone.

This kit is containing of total 5 tablets of different combination. It contains:

  • 1 tablet of 200 mg Mifepristone
  • 4 tablets of Misoprostol, each tablet contains 200 mcg Misoprostol



How does this medication act?

MTP contains two different pharmaceutical ingredients, which also possess different mechanism of action.

Mifepristone act by inhibit the activity of progesterone, this is occurs by competitive binding with the progesterone receptor. It may further act by:

  • Block hormone
  • Shedding of uterine lining
  • Softening of cervix
  • Vaginal bleeding

Misoprostol is act by competitive binding with a specific receptor, which is present on myometrial cells. It acts by:

  • Softening of cervix
  • Contraction of uterus
  • Uterine content expel out


How should you take the medication of MTP kit?

The medication should be start with the dose of Mifepristone, which is taken via oral route. If the pregnancy does not eliminated successfully, then take the dose of 4 tablets of Misoprostol vaginally at a single time. The dose of the Misoprostol should be taken after one day of Mifepristone pill. The Misoprostol should be inserted into the vagina as per the proper medical advice.


Who should not take the medication?

This medication effectively inhibit the pregnancy in the female candidates, but it should be contraindicated in various health issues, i.e. if you are hypersensitivity problem with the any ingredient of MTP kit, ectopic pregnancy, severe adrenal failure, hemorrhagic or anticoagulant disorder.

The effectiveness of the dosage form may be alters in the presence of another medication, which is administered for another health issues. These types of medicines are anticonvulsant drug, anti fungal drugs or certain antibiotics.


Important information:

This medication is only useful to inhibiting the pregnancy of 63 days, so it is beneficial to avoid of taking this medication if you are not sure about your pregnancy. It may be harmful for the health of that lady.

The effectiveness of the dosage form is reduces, as the time interval of the pregnancy increase. So, try to take the medication within 63 days of pregnancy.

Before taking the medication of MTP kit, you should remove your contraceptive device (i.e. IUD) first, if you place.


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