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Prevent unwanted pregnancy with Dronis 3mg tablets, Dronis is artificial or synthetically derived estrogen hormone by the name of Ethinyl Estradiol and Drospirenone  containing 24 tablet in new pack of Dronis 3mg. Dronis is a potent drug containing synthetically derived hormones which are intended for contraception and acne. Pregnancy brings lot of hormonal changes in the body; hormone regulates both physiological and psychological effects in body.

The following disorders are meant to be treated with the help of Dronis 3mg-

  • Disorder associated with menus cycle,
  • Hypogonadism,
  • Preventive measure for breast cancer,
  • Mood disorder, sleep disorder, weight changes and breast tenderness but major role of the Dronis is to treat /prevent contraception and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.



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Dronis having drugs which are capable to bring change in the cervical and uterine lining this prevents the sperm to reach the required place by meantime, as it creates unfavorable condition for sperm either by producing mucous secretion, or by shrinking the size of cervical or uterine walls. Secondly, it does not let the ovulation to take place by all the above means pregnancy can be prevented by the help of Dronis so even after copulation sperm does not mate the egg and fertilize.

Dronis helps in the treatment of acne and controls the male androgen level in the blood serum of female, as it acts as anti-androgen too , thus given for Hirsutism ailment hypogonadism and menopausal symptoms.



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Things to keep in mind while using Dronis 3 mg

Dronis is not an Abortion drug, it meant to prevent the pregnancy.

Dronis should not be taken by those females, who are planning for pregnancy.

The constituent of drug promotes blood clot so patient related to cardiovascular disorders, or hypertension should use it cautiously.

Liver, cancer, or fibrotic disorder Patient should use the drug under medical guidance.


Posology/ way to have the medication

Dronis is available in pill form in various packs of 24, 48, 72 tablet pills.

Medication should be started from the first day of the menus cycle.

The time schedule should be the constant or the same time of the dose, prevents the missing of the dose.

Along with the pill Dronis assistive contraception, like condom and spermicidal medication can also be administered.



If the dose is missed:

If one dose is missed:

Take the missed dose along the regular dose, or take two medications at the same day same time

And then continue with regular medication.

If two dose are missed in first two weeks.

Take two doses one day, and two for next day making the dose even, let the next regular medication continue as usual.

If the dose is missed in next 3-4th week

Missed dose of 3rd and 4th week should be continued with the new pack and regular medication should be carried on.



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If over dose of Dronis pills, patient may experience GI disruption, Bleeding, Nausea.

Interaction of Dronis with other drugs

Dronis has Drospirenone which increases the blood Potassium level when interact with diuretics like Spironolactone, NSAID's like Naproxen, Ibuprofen.


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