Every term describes that it is against the wish and no more required. There comes originate the term called "abortion", which breaks or ends your this pregnancy. It is hardly possible to calculate the planned pregnancy precisely but a large number of unplanned pregnancies originate every year. Regardless of the modern advancement of birth control options, any couple can encounter with an unwanted pregnancy. Many reasons are there in the world to abort the unplanned pregnancy since it is not planned like when you already have a complete family, failure of contraception, sexual assault or lack of the knowledge of birth control options.  

If you have also faced any of the situation and come across to undesired pregnancy, then you can take the most successful and easily used method to abort with the help of pills in MTP Kit. Pregnancy termination using MTP kit is called as medical termination of pregnancy

Working of MTP kit-

Mifepristone in MTP kit works by detaching the implanted fetus to the uterine wall lining. This happens when Mifepristone generic inhibits the functioning of progesterone hormone, which is an essential pregnancy hormone needed for maintaining pregnancy. Thus, restraining the oxygen and nutritional supplementation to the growing fetus leads to the breakage and fall of endometrium lining causing loss of pregnancy. Misoprostol abortion pills further lead to eliminating the dropped pregnancy. Elimination happens followed by the strong uterine contractions and widening of the cervix. The contents of abortion exit out in the form of vaginal bleeding containing blood clots. 

Usage of MTP kit-

MTP Kit works depending on the pregnancy duration that should not be less than 9 weeks or 63 days time and only a women of above than 18 years can take the pills of MTP kit. There is a systematic way to consume the pills for an effective response. First, take one pill of Mifepristone without food intake with the help of water and consider it as the first day. Later to two days, four pills of Misoprostol should be taken in a single administration and it can be used either vaginally or orally. After 14 days to the first day, go for medical examination to check the completion of abortion.  

You will get heavy bleeding than normal menstrual bleeding while is having an abortion and so you may notice some undesirable responses of back pain, nausea, backache, abdominal pain, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, or mood swings. Thus, while relying on MTP kit for abortion, you must consider some safety precautions-

  • Until you stop the bleeding after an abortion, try to prevent pregnancy by avoiding intercourse or using an effective barrier or it can also cause infections.
  • Proper nutrition must be included in your diet to have a fast recovery.
  • MTP kit is not recommended for aborting an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Consider your health conditions before taking MTP kit related to heart, liver, blood pressure, kidney, or any other.

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