This abortion kit is composed of Mifepristone and Misoprostol as vital ingredients, which should be used to conclude an early pregnancy of less than 63 days or 9 weeks of gestation period. The use of MTP kit doesn't involve any help of a physician so it grants a female full privacy to conclude pregnancy by her own anywhere she desires.


Why female goes for abortion?


The expectant female may feel "let down" about the independence and liberty that she would lose, she might consider the things she hasn't completed yet and doubt if she'll ever have the option now when she's about to give life to a little one. It is creepy for her to face an unknown issue, like maternity which she never imagined and it's typical to feel terrified of what it will be like, what she'll be like and how she'll tackle the responsibilities and demands that having a baby brings.


Also, once your baby enters, certainly there comes an adjustment phase for all the family members as well. And if the female herself is not happy with her unexpected pregnancy then if she's making a decision to abort her pregnancy, then its fine. And if you want to abort without letting know anyone then MTP Kit as previously mentioned is the best available alternative for you.



What is the correct way to use MTP kit?

  • One day 1: You are supposed to take one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) orally along with a full glass of water. Mifepristone is nothing, but an anti-progesterone medication so it works by preventing the action of progesterone hormone. It also softens and inflates the cervix causing the disconnection of placenta from the lining of the uterus, as a result resulting in the death of the fetus.
  • On day 3: You must administer 4 tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg each) at once either via oral or vaginal route. This drug exerts its action by contracting the uterus resulting in the exclusion of the dead fetus together with blood or blood clots.
  • On day 14: You are suggested to visit your nearby physician (follow-up visit) for the confirmation of abortion.


Side effects exhibited by MTP kit are fever, chills, loose stools, weakness, dizziness, vaginal bleeding, and sleepiness. “To cease your spontaneous pregnancy, you can buy MTP kit online at an inexpensive price".


There are some safety measures that should be taken care of "after abortion":

  • A proper rest and consumption of healthy and balanced diet is must after the process of abortion.
  • Avoid lifting of heavy objects or performing heavy exercise for a couple of days after abortion as it may bring about pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Do not get involved in intimacy session for few days after abortion as the possibilities of getting pregnant are more after abortion.


From where, MTP kit can be accessible?

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