No person is sturdy. Everyone needs to move and these movements are the working parts of anyone's life.  When any of the partsstops working, then it becomes the most considered one. Muscle discomfort or pain is the major considerable part that restricts the movement and makes a person incapable of even doing the normal daily life activities.



Soma medication is an oral preparation that is marketed in different strengths of 350mg and 500mg dose. Soma is made up of Carisoprodol as its working ingredient. Pain travels via nerves from the site of injury to the brain. Thus, being a centrally acting drug, Soma (Carisoprodol) helps in easing the musculoskeletal pain by blocking this nerve transmission.Soma drug does not remove your pain by directly acting of skeletal muscles. However, the active metabolite of Carisoprodol called Meprobamate is accountable to produce anxiolytic and sedative properties. Since Soma drug helps in relieving the musculoskeletal pain, therefore, it is a muscle relaxant category of medication.

Different types of musculoskeletal pain relieved by using Soma can be muscle spasms, strains, any injury, muscle pain or discomfort.



The dosingregimen of Soma-Soma (Carisoprodol) is available as anoral formulation, thus, it needs to be ingested via oral route with the help of water. To gain the benefits of Soma drug, medical therapy has to be combined with rest and the physical exercise therapy.Considering the age that must be above than 16 years, an adult can take the most recommended dose accordingto the conditions. An adult if prescribed for 350mg dose, then he or she can take the dose for 3-4 times in a day while the 500mg dose of Soma can be ingested for 2-3 times a day.

The maximum limit of Soma dose in a day should not increase more than 1400mg and a geriatric patient's dose is half of the adult dosing. The duration of Soma therapy is usually for 2-3 weeks that should not be increased or the drug can be habit forming. During sudden withdrawal of Soma therapy, a patient may encounter with some withdrawal symptoms of cramping in stomach, difficulty sleeping, headaches, or agitation. Thus, it is always suggested to reduce the dose prior to the complete stoppage of Soma medication.



Because of the centrally acting mechanism, Soma is never advised to be taken with tobacco or alcohol or it can cause serious drowsiness. Some other side effects of Soma medication can be a headache, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, or restlessness. Thus, it is unadvised to consume more than prescribed dose of Soma drug or it can exaggerate these side effects due to anoverdose of the drug. Thus, to prevent these effects, a user of Soma drug has to consider some

precautionary measures-

A woman must not take Soma if she is pregnant or a lactating mother.Soma medication should not be consumed if you have oversensitivity towards any element of Soma drug and thus, it is recommended not to take Soma with any other medication. Never exercise

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