This type of stress can also influence their personal life to a big level. These days, females use RU486 abortion pill available online which help them to end their pregnancy which is of less than 9 weeks in the safe and easy way. Generic Mifepristone is present in this abortion pill as active formula. Also the efficacy of the medication is high as compared to other abortion pills; it is approved by food and drug association (FDA).


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RU486 is gaining popularity among females due to following reasons:

  • You can use these abortion pills on your own without the help of any physician.
  • It gives almost 92 to 96% helpful results in aborting your child.
  • There is no worry of costly bills of hospitals and doctor’s fees with RU486.
  • They don't produce pain while abortion process, as a result you can use them without any fright of pain.


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RU486 or Generic Mifepristone works in the easiest way, firstly the uterine lining is broken which prevents progesterone, the natural female hormone which aids in the growth of the fetus, as there is diminution of this hormone the fetus dies which brings a stop to the pregnancy. In this way, the triumphant execution of early pregnancy takes place.


What is the recommended dose of RU486 pill?

RU486 is a solid dosage form and comprises of 3 tablets of Mifepristone (with dose strength of 200 mg each). You have to take the 3 tablets of RU486 at once with a full glass of water. Then you have to follow with a clinical visit after 2 days of taking RU486. If you are still pregnant, then you are supposed to take two tablets of Misoprostol (400 mcg total dose) via oral or vaginal route. Then after 14 days of taking this abortion pill, you have to go for a follow-up visit for the final confirmation of abortion.


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RU486 is a very safe and effectual abortion pill, but at times it may result in some undesired/ill effects like nausea, vomiting, loose motion, cramping, vaginal bleeding, back pain, exhaustion, low blood pressure, shortening of breath and rapid heartbeat.


What are the safety tips to be followed while using RU486 abortion pill?

  • Limit the intake of alcoholic beverages, intake of grapefruits or grape juices, while using RU486.
  • If you are allergic to Generic Mifepristone or its other components, then avoid using this abortion pill.
  • RU486 is not successful against ectopic pregnancy (i.e. pregnancy outside the uterus).
  • If you are using an intrauterine device (or IUD, a female contraceptive), then you are suggested to take it out before the usage of RU486.
  • If your pregnancy is more than 9 weeks of gestation period, then also stay away from the use of Generic Mifepristone.


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