Erection trouble can be the consequence of stress, depression, or sometimes even for no reason at all. There are several physical and mental problems, which are accountable for erection trouble such as heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, low testosterone levels and spinal cord injury. Apart from these causes, there are certain lifestyle issues addictions towards smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug abuse or addiction. 

Erectile dysfunction affects men at any age. Unfortunately, due to lack of education about the causes of Erection trouble are frequently behind men's self-blame and lowering down their confidence and self-esteem. It also enhances anxiety in them and sometimes, even they experience the feelings of hurt, guilt, and anger when the problem occurs. Most of the women suspect their partner is having an affair, or that they just don't find them desirable anymore. Due to increasing level of anxiety or depression, men often withdraw themselves from their love. Erectile dysfunction can be easily treated with a proper medication, like PDE-5 inhibitors.



Fildena is known for its magical therapeutic effect to handle the trouble of penile erection. Fildena helps a man to accomplish or uphold a sturdy erection long enough for lovemaking acts. Fildena contains an important medicine known as Sildenafil citrate that is quite useful in the management of erectile dysfunction in men.

Sildenafil citrate, a PDE-5 inhibitor that inhibits the working of an enzyme called PDE-5 and blocks the further degradation of cGMP. When a man involved himself in the nasty acts on the bed, NO (nitric oxide) releases in the body that binds to the Guanylatecyclase receptors. It helps in the generation of cGMP and the excess amount of cGMP gets accumulated in the corpus cavernosum in the male penile organ. This causes relaxation and dilation of blood vessels present in the male genital area. This enhances the blood flow to the male penile organ resulting in a sturdy erection long enough for lovemaking acts.

Fildena tablet is commercially available in different strengths are 50mg, 100mg. To induce a sturdy erection for alonger time, a man has to consume one tablet of Fildena orally one hour before lovemaking acts with an enormous amount of water. A man can select a particular strength of Fildena according to his requirement. The effects of Fildena remain for at least 4 to 6 hours in the body, so it is advised not to consume more than one tablet of Fildena in a day.



Sometimes, the use of Fildena may cause some annoying effects such as upset stomach, diarrhea, wooziness, mood swings, queasiness, stuffy nose, flushing, headache, chest tenderness, fainting and uneven heartbeat.

Be attentive!!!

  • Fildena needs to be forbidden in case you have allergic reactions with Sildenafil citrate or any other constituent of Fildena.
  • Avoid the ingestion of Fildena, if you have any medical condition of the liver, kidney, heart, blood pressure, or bleeding disorder.
  • Nitrate containing medications, like Nitroglycerin or Isosorbides, must not be taken along with Fildena, as you can experience a sudden fall in your blood pressure.
  • Avoid alcohol, high fatty meal, and grapefruit products while using this medicine.

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