This eye drop is mainly meant for treating the hypotrichosis condition of the eyes. It is a disorder condition of eyes in which the eyelashes of human eye become too short or tiny. Just give a one chance to this eye drop and make your estimation, whether Careprost is good for you or not.

Careprost Bimatoprost  is an eye drop, which is designed to make your eyelashes grow in sufficient length and thickness and in dark complexion. It not stimulates the growth of eyelashes, but it also makes your eyelashes thicker and darker.




Generic Bimatoprost is a main active ingredient present in this eye drop and it fundamentally stimulates the anagen phase of hair follicles. In common word, growth phase in known as anagen phase. This eye drop can take 14to16 weeks to give the proper growth and length to the eyes. Thus, in this manner, you can get longer eyelashes without putting any extra efforts.

Previously, Bimatoprost was being instilled to treat the glaucoma and its related symptoms. Later on, it was discovered that, this medicine causes the growth of hairs, so it is applied to treat the hypotrichosis condition of the eyes.


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After regular application of few weeks-

It is very obvious that everyone wants to know the result obtained after the regular application of 12to14 weeks, the surprising result will be achieved. The result would be long eyelashes with enough thick and dark in color.

To get the positive and effective outcomes of this eye drop, you should apply this eye drop in proper manner and on time. Place a one drop of medication on sterile applicator and carefully apply on the upper eyelids. While applying this eye drop, you have to very careful that applicator should not touch any other body part and lower eyelids. Wipe out the excess liquid from your cheeks and close your eyes after the use.

You should apply only one drop within a whole day, especially at night time. Use it regularly without any gap.

At the time of application of this eye drop, you face several adverse effects like itching, irritation, inflammation of the eyes. No need to worry about these effects, continue your application of this eye drop.


Conclusion- The best part of applying this eye drop is that, it is used for treating two eye disorders like hypotrichosis and glaucoma.





Dos and don'ts-

  • Remove your contact lens before applying this eye drop.
  • Always make use of sterilized applicator or brush.
  • This eye drop is not applied in case of eye surgery.
  • This eye drop is only applied on the upper eyelids, avoid touching on the lower eyelids.
  • It is not prescribed to kids under the age of 12 years.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not apply this eye drop at any cost.


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