The drug is indicated in the treatment of male impotency conditions, and pulmonary arterial hypertension. The drug simply relaxes the smooth muscles and thus increases blood supply in the genitals.

The drug is served in the tablet formulation with marketed pack of 50mg, 100mg. 

One must be concerned!!! What the hell this male erectile dysfunction is? Effects!!! One may experience after suffering ED disorder.



Well, ED is nothing but male incompetency to retain firm erection while getting physical intimacy. This incompatibility may hamper the confidence level of the male, putting him into more stress and other hand the partner may feel bad about him or his medical condition.

Other than this the male may start avoiding her, due to his incompatibility this way the relationship will be at verge of distortion. The drug will help you to achieve woody erection, giving you confidence to fulfill the satiety of her. Buy Fildena tablet online for the treatment of your soft erection issue. Place your order now and get discount on your first order.


And what could be the possible reasons for this anomaly?

Well, the incidence of ED is mostly seen after one attains an age, where he gets prone to various medical conditions like

  • Decreased androgen level
  • Diabetic condition
  • Cardiovascular or blood related disorder that make him sexually stimulated.
  • Renal or hepatic malfunction

This is mostly seen after 40's, but now days due to lack of nutrition and junk food and lack of sleep, late night parties and workaholic behavior in newbie are putting them at the verge of various disorders.



The habit of smoking and alcohol, add on the negative effect on sexual health too.

Still, if one want to continue with the lifestyle its individual's decision...

The drug will be there for back to back support, the drug will simply block the Phosphodiesterase enzyme type 5 which stops the nitric oxide and cyclic guanosine phosphate. This cGMP is smooth muscle relaxant which increases the blood capillaries size and increase blood carrying capacity. So, increases blood supply to the soft spongy cells.

Note: the drug will simply increase blood supply but the erection is sensation that is brought up by natural activity only so one has to get into intimate activity.


Coming to the dossier or posology of the Fildena tablet:

The tablet should be administered once in a day half an hour before the planned intimate session.

Never take more than single dose of the Fildena tablet. You may take the drug without concern of meal but avoid it along fatty meal as the action may be compromised.

One should not take the drug along grape juice or fruit, the drug action is diminished.



Warning and precautionary step!!!!

  • The drug should not be served to the individual who are not more than 18 year of age and the drug is not meant for the females.
  • The drug should not be administered along nitrates of any form or aphrodisiac drugs.
  • The drug may bring some unwanted effects like
  • Headache, myalgia nausea and dizziness, pinkish or bluish vision or sometime blurred view. So, one should not drive any vehicle.
  • The drug may bring erection of more than 4 hours (Priapism) at that moment one should seek medical help.


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