Many factors participate for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy in which some are important such as financial problems, if couples have sufficient number of children and if she is not prepare to bear motherhood. Apart from that birth control pill, also provide liberation to couple for enjoying their life and private moments. Pregnancy plays a major role for stopping physical interaction for at least 5 to 6 months. If both the partners do not want pregnancy right now then in this situation they want a solution, which can prevent from pregnancy. In this case, birth control pills should be used and they will give you effective results. 

Pharmacologically birth control pills stop the action of some hormones in female's body and help to prevent from unintended pregnancy. These pills are very effectual and the rate of success of birth control pills is about 94 to 97 %. 

Use these pills if you do not want to be mother right now, they will definitely help you.



Now do not worry about unwanted conception with birth control pills. They provide you better effects and give satisfactory results. 

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What is the procedure to take birth control pills?

Birth control pills are supplied in many brand names such as Mircette, Yasmin, Femilion, Ovral L and Plan B. The dose of these drugs should be taken via oral route along with sufficient amount of water. For getting effective actions, women should consult from doctor for the proper dosing. 

Birth control can produce some side effects such as

You may feel some side effects after the consumption of these tablets such as nausea, mood changes, weight gain, vomiting, headache, muscle pain, body ache, vaginal bleeding, dizziness and sleepiness. 

Some precautions should be taken while using birth control pills:

  • If you have some medical conditions like diabetes and poor liver and kidney abilities then you are not allowed to these medicines.
  • Do not drive just after taking these tablets, as may be harmful for you because these tablets produce sleepiness and dizziness effects.
  • Females who are under the age of 16 years should not take these drugs.
  • If you have pregnant then do not take them, as they will not show any effect.
  • These pills are not for those females who are suffering from heart diseases.
  • If you have, bleeding problems like leukemia and sickle cells anemia then do not take birth control pills. 

Birth control pills are FDA approved medicines, so that they are safe and reliable. You can choose them, if you do not want unwanted conception. 

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