Birth control pills are also effective to treat unusual menstrual cramps, ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts.   Each pack of birth control contains 28 tablets in which 21 pills are active and 7 pills are inactive. 

Birth control pills are available in 2 different forms:

  • Combination birth control pill: It comprises of 2 different female hormones called Estrogen and Progestin. Combination birth control pills are accessible in various brand names such as Mircette, Yasmin, Ovral-L, Ovral-G, Dronis, Loette, Familon and Dianette
  • Mini birth control pill: This type of birth control pill contains only one female hormone called Progestin. It is available in brand name called Norethisterone. 


Birth control is just barring the fertilization process of the female’s egg by the male sperm. So that egg cannot turn into a zygote. It only turns into a human when two becomes one in tissue, much similar to when a man and woman marry. Both partners help to create one human body when a zygote is formed after fertilization of egg and sperm. But without penetration of the male sperm into the female body, the female’s egg will not turn into a zygote and will not have any chance of becoming one without fertilization, which we called control over birth.



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Birth control pills are oral contraceptive pills that indicate to avoid unplanned pregnancy. They work by inhibiting the release of an egg from the ovary of the female. It also helps to make vaginal fluid thicker to prevent the entry of sperm from reaching an egg and finally avoid fertilization. 

Under mentioned conditions, birth control pills are contraindicated:

  • If you are allergic to generic Estrogen or progestin or any other component present in it.
  • Do not take this medication, if you are suffering from liver cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancer.
  • Avoid consumption of this drug in case of hepatic and renal impairment.
  • If you are suffering from abnormal heavy vaginal bleeding.
  • It is contraindicated in case you are suffering from heart, liver or kidney disorder.


Birth control pills contain total 28 pills, in which 21 pills are hormonal pills and 7 pills are non-hormonal pills. These pills are easily distinguished from their color. Hormonal pills are yellow in color while non-hormonal pills are white in color. 

You need to start taking one pill on the first day of your menstrual cycle. Consume hormonal pills for 21 days on a regular basis at the same time. From 22nd day, take non-hormonal pills for next 7 days.



If you missed one pill of this drug, you need to consume 2 pills on the next days. In case, you missed two pills, take 2 pills for the next two days. If you missed three pills of this medication, discard the pack and start with a new pack of this drug. 

Intake of this drug can cause mild to severe side effects such as dizziness, chill, fever, headache, weakness, vomiting, acne, diarrhea, mood change, breast tenderness, nausea, decreased libido, weight loss and change in the menstrual cycle.

You need to follow some safety precaution while using this medication:

  • Avoid smoking while using this drug as it can increase the chances of blood clotting.
  • Do not take this medication for getting protection against HIV.
  • If you are above 35 years of age, using this drug with more caution.
  • If you are a diabetic patient, you need to regularly check your blood sugar level as this medication can decrease the glucose tolerance.  

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